shortcomings in space game online

space game online is a very excellent game, howspace gamer we decided to make a list some aspects which might be (and in our opinion should be) changed for to make the game space gamen better.
so here is what we would change and modify:
we belispace game it is fairly inconvenient that a player cannot see his character from aside; there are no different camera views in the game.
a player cannot space gamer see the face of an enemy.
we hope the dspace gamelopers will give players the possibility to view and conduct their characters in human body at stations.
there is a lot of static information on screen; space gamen ships are often displayed as some dots.
physics is not accurate in the game – ships or objects do not break or get damaged after collisions – they are just thrown apart from one another (the so called “bump”). there is also no gravitation in the game.
though space game online is a role playing game and character dspace gamelopment is a key necessity, pve missions are very monotonous. missions can be carried out an unlimited number of times so a player can just learn and remember all the steps in a mission, given by an agent.
there is no chance or randomness which was a pleasant feature in diablo ii, or instance.
so missions quickly become a fairly boring method of gaining in game money.
howspace gamer some actions have been already taken in this regard. one time cosmos-missions and explorations mechanism, which allows discovering hidden locations, make this kind of activities more interesting. some of such missions are very difficult and require participation of an entire guild.
the apocrypha extension has also introduced “epic arcs” – epic missions bound by a common plot, which require moving across the entire galaxy in order to be carried out.
and the last we would like to mention about is the fact that the game does not have a global purpose, may seem indefinite and lacks a common story which exists in world of warcraft, for instance.
the excellent graphics can solely attract thousands of players and make forget about any other shortcomings, but we belispace game the above-mentioned deserves attention of the dspace gamelopers.

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