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08.05.2021 - Gankenz

I have used this service about 12 times now. Every time i have received my order within 2 minutes.

12.12.2020 - cfiekzdrartob

Nice and fast!

07.10.2020 - -

Cheap, very fast and very easy handling ! and a fck nice support :) have my order in 5-10mins. Everytime again guys Thank you!

07.06.2017 - Patrick

Great Service and Support. Had Problems wiith Paypal Payment but Support was fast und helped me. Deliver was fast and without Problems. 1+ Great Work

23.10.2016 - meatpants

amazingly easy. I love you guys!!!!

07.09.2016 - Nathan

I have used this service twice, and on the second time I screwed up my order. The customer service helped me get it fixed hassle free and delivered within 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend this service to friends!

22.08.2016 - Diego

This service is awesome, I have used this service twice, and on both transactions were delivered within 10 minutes. This service is reliable and the customer support is superb. I plan on continuing to use this service when I am looking for a helping boost. I rate this service 10/10.

29.06.2016 - Regasum

I have used the service twice now, first time I had my stuff no more than 10 minutes later, the second time I had to wait a few hours due to high demand. Customer service is superb, and I haven\'t experienced any issues at all. I love you guys. <3

26.06.2016 - Greg

I\'ve used these services 7+ times now, only had one hiccup, but its was quickly resolved. Awesome services! 100% satisfaction will all purchases I made!

16.04.2016 - Happy customer

Always on point and never had any issues. Will highly recommend!

02.04.2016 - Will

Really great service. Prices are unbeatable. Awesome!

25.02.2016 - Sharatan

Bought 10 injectors. Collected them in Yita. After undocking I was immediately shot and my cargo was gone. A warning from Iskbank would be at its place. Also since it happened before with another player.

06.01.2016 - Bubi

Thinikng like that shows an expert at work

30.11.2015 - eugen

been buying with these guys for ahwile tied other services this is the fastest one out there

28.10.2015 - Burrito

Opened live chat and followed through with delivery instantly. first time ever buying in game items like this and im happy it went well. trusted folks here

06.10.2015 - Pedro

Trusted service, fast delivery. Recommended.

30.09.2015 - Don

Like everyone, I was dubious...made a few lil purchases...every time it went off like a charm....went bigger, and delivery was fast, and perfect. I use no one else now.5 star vender!!!!!

09.09.2015 -

easy, protected. saved me a lot of time. will use service again.

23.08.2015 - Daniel

Very Fast delivery and polite service!! Will definitely use again if need be!!

22.08.2015 - Prae

I got what i wanted fast, awesome service!

12.08.2015 -

Fast friendly service used them bunches of times. Keep it up y\'all!

05.08.2015 - David

Easy and fast delivery.

27.06.2015 - Crystal

Ok so I was a bit iffy, spent 4 day looking and decided on ISKBANK. Thank God I did. AMAZING SERVICE! 10/10, and very nice. Not saying how much I got but it wasn\'t a little lol. Will be coming back again and again and again!

27.06.2015 - Mickey Slaven

Once again they got me what i wanted fast 10/10 :) cheap too!!

26.06.2015 - Mike

Fast delivery of the needed PLEX. Delivery was done within 5 min of the order. Thanks again! Mike

28.05.2015 -

Quick fast and effective as always 10/10

17.04.2015 - Michael

awesome service. ive used it 3-4 times now. always fast. also happy that they have an actual person for the live chat, unlike some places that seem to have either a \"live chat bot\" or people who cant speak English >...> 10/10

01.03.2015 - Ryan

To be honest I was a little skeptical at first but I decided to buy 3 Plex and boy did I not regret it! Great service basically almost instant delivery! Definitely will buy again in the future

26.02.2015 - Eric Benton

Actually, fine service, mighty fine. It was a smooth sailing road, they do things pretty legitimately and beautifully. I will be sure to buy here again!

05.02.2015 - BoOom

Great service as always!

23.01.2015 - Alex Freitas

Fantastic Service guy\'s, You are without a doubt the best store I deal with, will buy again for sure !!

23.01.2015 - Jeremy

I love the patience of Jane the person who helped me and the answers she gave me.

12.01.2015 - Czech Player

Fine support on live chat, delivery in agreed timeframe (instant after payment was done). No problems, no catch no nothing. Would bang again. I mean buy.

10.01.2015 - Jordan D

I placed an order for the first time and was not 100% sure on how to proceed. i contacted the Live support and they walked me though step by step what to do once i have placed my order. and for filled any question or request i had for them. 10/10 customer service I will be using again. Thank you!

14.12.2014 - John smith

Great service!

12.12.2014 -

10 min from purchase to receipt. ;)

27.11.2014 - Jack

Brilliant service, helped me through it all. Well worth the money!

26.11.2014 - fuzzypandafish

Had to wait a bit for my PLEX but the men and women in the live chat helped me through each time with all the information I needed will buy again!

15.11.2014 - Darryl Britton

Delivery in 5 mins, brilliant. 15.11.2014

11.11.2014 - nathan

first time buyer and it was awesome. they held my hand via live chat the whole way, delivered within 1 min. thank you!

22.09.2014 - Violet Starling

Excellent service as always. Very fast!!! I\'ll buy other isks soon!

19.09.2014 - Violet Starling

Service awesome and perfect, very fast!

12.09.2014 - Ben

Excellent service, almost instant! 10/10

30.08.2014 - Jake

I r8 8/8

24.06.2014 -

Incredibly fast service, any concerns you have will be swept away by the ease and speed of this service

15.06.2014 - tudor topan

Immediate delivery, I was skeptical, now I am a trustful permanent customer! Congratulations for a great job and a much needed service!

06.06.2014 -

very fast service had a problem with verification one quick phone call was all sorted recieved within minutes this place isnt a scam very very good !!!!!!!

28.05.2014 - Zanguient

Excellent super fast

24.05.2014 - Will Hunt

10 out of 10 top service great people easy to deal with and very helpful, very very fast responses always.

07.05.2014 -

Awesome, fast and effective... Thanks

01.05.2014 - ARON


26.04.2014 - Mr plex

less than 2 minutes service time. Amazing. Thank you guys!

21.04.2014 - four leaf

Great Service! Very proffesional! A++ will do service with again!

21.04.2014 - Rho

Having used the odd gold service in the past has always turned out to be a frustrating experience with delivery times suddenly changing from minutes to weeks. Not so with your company; ordered goods were delivered within minutes by a helpful staff which actually understands English . Fast, great, awesome, you guys rock!

14.04.2014 - DaDee

Completely awesome service, pretty fast and secure :)

26.02.2014 -

Been away for a while, the service is still as good if not even better :)

18.02.2014 - Matt

These guys are AWESOME! Super fast, great communication, best place to go for isk and plex. I won\'t go anywhere else.

11.02.2014 -

Fantastic service, really quick, and well worth it, don\'t use anyone else!

11.02.2014 - Flux

Great worked like a charm and fast no fuss , thanks guys !!!!

08.02.2014 - andrew

Awesome no fuss just a couple of jumps.

19.01.2014 - Jeff

I\'ve been to a couple of people, been burned once or twice on trades but these guys hooked me up fast and did so professionally. Stuff was reasonable priced and I know I can count on them which means alot.

17.11.2013 - dude

If anything, good support.

30.10.2013 - DD

Very fast and onest service.

28.10.2013 - Michael

Great service, was prompt and painless.

23.10.2013 -

Fast reliable service. I have used 2 other services in the past. these guys are the best and have become my goto site for purchases for more than 6 months.

13.10.2013 - Trevor

best website for buying items in eve for real money. Completely safe!

08.10.2013 - Jeremy

By far the best support, fastest service, and quickest delivery I have ever encountered on these type of sites. Iskbank, is a FIVE STAR site. Recommend to everyone.

06.10.2013 - anon

Just got 1 bill from iskbank for the 4th time. Another quick and sleek transaction! Thanks guys!

06.10.2013 - German Anon

100% legit, top prices and fast service!

04.10.2013 - Philipp

Order ISK two times by now, and the delivery was quick, and more or less simple. Very happy with this service so far.

03.10.2013 - Anon

Fantastic speedy service and so easy I usually place orders right off my phone. Incomparable prices to other sites and totally safe. Thanks for making my transition back to eve easier isk bank!

02.10.2013 - Slanter

Very Fast and Friendly Service Always.

30.09.2013 - Alex

Service is quick, easy, and prices are good. i appreciate your service

26.09.2013 - Impressed

I have purchased a few items now, and yes it does seem slow but honestly TZ\'s is where I believe that is coming from. I received my orders, very impressed with the communications and the hand over deal. Excellent site, will use again.

25.09.2013 - Jaime

The transaction was a little slow to start but ended up exactly like I wanted it to. Fair priced and speedy transaction once all information is received. Will use again.

25.09.2013 -

Once again, I can only imagine a world where you receive this kind of awesome service from government or utility providers. Great service as always guys. Thanks again

23.09.2013 - Rupert

The system looks and sounds nice but appears completely useless to me as a dutch person. As it won\'t recognize the phone number I can\'t use the site. Major bummer.

18.09.2013 - LB

Perfect and fast. I will only do business here from now on. I was surprised at how easy they made it for me. Thank you.

14.09.2013 - Jon

Great service, Fast delivery, Even got a little bonus, and very cautious about their methods to ensure the customer doesn\'t get banned. A+!

14.08.2013 - Les Gasgarth

The IskBank is great, saves lots of time and effort so you can enjoy Eve. Nice fast and helpful service. I would recommend IskBank to anyone.

10.08.2013 - jack

I\'m a recurring customer and I can say that IskBank has the same old good and fast service and friendly interaction.

08.08.2013 - Frank

Very quick and efficient. Friendly guy, too.

08.08.2013 - Ceejay

Quick transaction, very happy :)

04.08.2013 - Mbe123

Very fast efficient service. Thanks again. Will use regularly from here!

01.08.2013 - Jay

Will only deliver in Jita so make sure you have character on standby or you are out of luck. Poor quality of delivery.

30.07.2013 - --b--

nice job, thanks.

28.07.2013 - Daniel

Works and very fast!

27.07.2013 - jake

Excellent service as per usual.

11.07.2013 - Alex

Quick service, lowest price for ISK I\'ve found online. I\'ll be shopping here again. Thanks!

01.07.2013 - Radu

Great work, fast and secure.

29.06.2013 - robin

Cool and easy

04.06.2013 - Jerry

Great service, was very very fast. Can\'t complain really at all on their end. They did good. A!

03.06.2013 - pwnage117

There customer service was excellent! I made a mistake which they refunded and I was able to purchase again without any hassle. Even though my order was large they swiftly delivered. Thanks! I will be coming back in the near future.

24.05.2013 - willgood

great service

14.05.2013 -

Used these guys for years and i always had a perfect service. Good job guys!

09.05.2013 - Derek

Took longer than expected to get the order ready but that doesn\'t bug me at all (wasnt a small order). Once it was ready the process was quick and simple. I couldnt understand the guy on the phone that well (partly due to my phone). But he stayed kind and professional. I do hope to do business with them again.

05.05.2013 - willgood

great service fast after everything was verifyed

03.05.2013 - Dan

Fast and no fuss transaction. Would buy again!

27.04.2013 - Kane

Smooth transition after email was verified.

27.04.2013 - r

Great service, fast deliviery

25.04.2013 - Vinny

Service was Fast, and Polite. After a quick call to confirm who I was I had my money in 10 minutes from point on paying on paypal!

24.04.2013 - Dan

Awesome. Great service and very quick.A+

22.04.2013 - Valaataa Greymoon

Fastest service I have ever received anywhere. I will be back. A++

21.04.2013 - galicg

fast delivery, nice live chat

21.04.2013 - Derpson

Very fast, very professional. Will use again.

11.04.2013 - Blade

Fast and easy very good will use again

06.04.2013 - Totemikus

Nice, FAST and HONEST!

29.03.2013 -

Every thing Was smooth and fast. Great service!

27.03.2013 - Ed

Awesome Service, Instant delivery. Could not ask for anything better.

23.03.2013 - AsteroidBasher

Good service, but it took 24 hours for them to get the isk because they were out of stock.

22.03.2013 - leonardo t costa

Good service, take a little time to deliver (im in Brazil and not good on english, the phone call give some trouble), but its secure and honest. :-)

18.02.2013 - Anon

Very fast and secure service. I don\'t go anywhere else but here for ISK, these guys never fail to deliver the goods! Very helpful and understanding in live chat, too. 11/10

15.02.2013 - David Squires

Very helpful and very fast, will be using this bank again and reccomend it to anyonethat is straped for isk themselves. great service 10/10

14.02.2013 - maxzor

transaction went really quickly, thnx for the service

06.02.2013 - Fabs

Very fast, very satisfied. Again everytime!

03.02.2013 - daniel

wonderfull service quick transaction would buy from again 10/10!!!

21.01.2013 - Neil Attard

best site ever for isk. Live chat is awesome, so much help from it. 10/10!

17.01.2013 - jamie

Got messed around this time due to a silly delivery method... love it here but come on guys iv come to expect better than this from you.

14.01.2013 - Lightningfoot

No problems fast service, they walk you through what you need to do, simple.

14.01.2013 - The D

Best Service ever, got caught one time, but they reimbursed me. so fucking awesome!

08.01.2013 - Anon

Very fast, very helpful staff. When I had questions, they answered better than I expected.

30.12.2012 - Eric Lombardi

the second time I buy here and it is the second time that it\'s okay! speed and professionality make them go to the top excellent work

30.12.2012 - Dave

Very nice service, just had to wait more than 24h once. 9/10 :D

27.12.2012 - That One guy

Great Support and Delivery. 10/10 Also friendly people in live chat:)

18.12.2012 - ******

Very quick service, I feel like they actually care about their customers :) 5/5

12.12.2012 -

Epic fast delivery and ultra professional staff A+++

12.12.2012 - Costomer

LOVE THESE GUYS, bought 3 times, caught once, reimbursed. i strongly suggest you use this service, real quick and awesome service!

10.12.2012 - Matt

Decided to give them a go, relatively quick and painless transaction for a new customer (Y)

28.11.2012 -

Just one word ... fantastic! All in 5 minutes!

21.11.2012 - julian

Super fast, with good customer support, it actually worked

19.11.2012 - Tinnitus

Excellent fast delievery .. !!! Thanks .. I love this service

18.11.2012 - Marcuis

Excellent Service and safe delievery with my Nyx, even though it took longer then normal but the service and help was best I have seen 10 / 10 for me... TY for my new Nyx

16.11.2012 - anon

excellent fastservice actually got a few hundred thousand more isk then i ordered, made a fairly large isk order which caused a bit of delaybut great service, like many before me i was quite skeptical till i recieved my order :D ordering more today lol

27.10.2012 - Charlie

Great service been buying from them for over a year now they never let me down

27.10.2012 - Ruff

I have used you guys more then five times and never had a problem with any of them. I didnt know if this was the real deal but they was 100% legit. Thanks again

25.10.2012 - booby dazler

great service very safe and very helpfull cant complain timing was under 15 mins

24.10.2012 - Space6

Made a purchase recently, but used the wrong e-mail. But you guys sorted it out and did the best! I\'m glad I found you guys and where able to make several successful orders and no problems. Superb

05.10.2012 - Japith

I love this site, it\'s so wonderful. This is my third time.. It\'s so simple and efficient to get your isk. That chat team is great too.

02.10.2012 - Admiral Zorg

Just wanted to give two thumbs up to the live chat team AWESOME service

01.10.2012 - max

Fast, fine, nice -> perfect.

29.09.2012 - ois

2 times ive bought isk and 2 time fast and perfect... highly recomend them

16.09.2012 - Joshua

Fast, reliable, no shenanigans. These guys are my only trusted supplier. My entire corp uses them now, not one issue!

11.09.2012 - Liv

If you want easy transaction. This is the place. And its cheap! Good Job Max!

11.09.2012 - isklover

bought from these guys 3 times now. Safe, fast and legit. Isk bank rules! and i love george!

06.09.2012 - Stuart

Awesome as always , thanks again guys

28.08.2012 -

The only place I trust for isk keep up the good work guys.

24.08.2012 - Stuart

Fantastic , will deffinately do it again thanks guys

22.08.2012 - Psi

Another perfect transaction. Thanks for the excellent service!

19.08.2012 - Mario

Always good service, safe and fast!

19.08.2012 - John

extremely quick service.... recommend using.

17.08.2012 - daniel

amazing service got what i order in like 5 mins just amazing thanks guys will allway deal with you :)

13.08.2012 - jamie

Great stuff. Always fast!

11.08.2012 - John

This is a good service. The way they do this make\'s it very safe for both sides, and it was also very fast! Got my order in a litle under 20 minutes!

11.08.2012 - anon

Great fast service Thanks Max

10.08.2012 - Chris

Thanks, Great service and correct amount :D

08.08.2012 - Jani Kallio

Thanks again your perfect service!

08.08.2012 - Mike

Best secure service ever, have used for a while and will always use forever!!!

06.08.2012 - Markus

I never tested another service like this and i never will use another, because the service here is peferct. 20 minutes after order i got it. well done. keep up the perfect work.....come back

01.08.2012 - JRV

Super fast service. Customer service was awesome. Definitely my new home for all future transactions.

01.08.2012 - Brian Schmidt

Super fast delivery as they said and a helpfull service can only recement them

30.07.2012 - Unnamed

Buying ISK on Iskbank is fast and secure. Keep on the good work.

28.07.2012 - Will

This was a surprise, I never knew how fast the services was and how easy it is. Really Happy with my order.

25.07.2012 - Steph

This is my first time ever using this methode and well it works! Its fast and the people are friendly to help out! Very good service!

23.07.2012 - Thiago S. Bento

Very Fast and sercure, the staff of iskBank make the support to the end of transaction i will buy again

19.07.2012 - Kevin

First time ever using services and was kinda iffy as I was making a fairly large first time purchase. However a personal friend had recommended these guys. Needless to say they delivered!

15.07.2012 - jamie

Good stuff. my 1st time and it was nice. hard to understand phone operator but meh. if your thinking about it, i say go for it.!

13.07.2012 -

Very quick and easy to follow! Will use again.

12.07.2012 - Brett

Very fast and courteous servcie. Will use again.

11.07.2012 -

Excellent customer service. Will do business again

10.07.2012 -

maybe to much information asked for but otherwise very good service and i will shop here again

07.07.2012 - Psichotic

Just like clockwork. Another flawless transaction. Thanks!

06.07.2012 - Anon

It feels good to be a Billionaire...

06.07.2012 - chris

Was 100% perfect and fast will deff be coming back for repeat business the best of the best these guys have got it right before u do anything in eve look here first

04.07.2012 - Santi

Fast and newbie friendly staff. Isk Bank will secure your purchase with a safe 1 on 1 transaction.

03.07.2012 - Nick

This site has always worked. This isn\'t a spam advert, I am an actual player ^^ Prices are reasonable as well!

01.07.2012 - Anthony

I don\'t use any thing else but IskBank!! It\'s like a Swiss bank account safe and discreet Hats off to the staff always quick, friendly and very helpful.

25.06.2012 - Remi

Fast as hell, great service. 15 mins before downtime ordered and delivered!

24.06.2012 - Markus

Perfect service, i will come back :)

24.06.2012 - Brandon

Perfect transaction as usual. Hands down the best service in the business.

23.06.2012 - jacob

Allways fast, friendly and helpful. i will continue to use your service, and tell others to try it out.

20.06.2012 - Jason

Not bad, always quick and professional have given them plenty of business

16.06.2012 - farmerc9

Was very fast and worked perfectly. Received exactly what I requested.

14.06.2012 - Kieran

Done in under 15 minutes, would recommend and would do again.

08.06.2012 - engin

Very fast, secure and friendly service.

08.06.2012 - Ben

Was quick and easy! Thumbs up and recommend.

31.05.2012 - John Johani

Great Service, 1 on 1 contact to make sure you always get what you deserve, IskBank you rock! Keep up the good work

26.05.2012 - I.S

Very impressive service and speed. really fast and simple.

22.05.2012 - anon

Greatest service ever. very happy! have been hear time n time again n never disappointed. Keep up the good work!

20.05.2012 - David

Very simple, quick and serious ... A pleasure to trade here I\'ll be back ;) Thanks for that great service

16.05.2012 - Myles Gordon

Very good service, will definitely be in touch again. Thank you

13.05.2012 - Matteo

Great service. Gladly continue using them!

13.05.2012 - Major

Very easy and fast transaction. I had a very large order and they completed it in 4 hours which was 20 hours faster than I expected. No problems at all.

08.05.2012 - Hades

These guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! my whole corp will be buying from here

07.05.2012 - Just happy!

Received it quick, didn\'t have to jump through hoops, and the service was excellent. I will buy from here again.

06.05.2012 - Dancing

Best ISK provider I have used, easy to communicate with and the delivery was set up instantly. Took 10 minutes in total and feels more secure than the way some other sites do it. Will buy again for sure.

05.05.2012 - Mr. Happy

I must say this company is phenomenal. Your prices are the lowest I\'ve seen and the service really is top notch. I don\'t normally give testimonials, but you guys seriously deserve it. Many thanks!

04.05.2012 - Evan Frost

These guys are by far the best I\'ve ever used. Delivery is instant. No phone call, no drama. You will never find a better supplier for EVE related products. My only complaint is that they don\'t sell Hulks, so I can\'t dump my other supplier. But for Dreads, BS\'s, ISK, Implants, don\'t waste your time with anybody else.

04.05.2012 -

Best, Better, ISkBank Oh yes these service is so brilliant and save. I love this guys and girls.

03.05.2012 - Griminal Starr

Brilliant service. will definitley be coming back later. Thank you :)

03.05.2012 - J

I\'ve gone to these guys for a long time now. I\'ve had orders small and large and one thing has always remained constant...these guys rock. The professionalism, and helpfulness of their live chat is amazing. I\'ve also never had a delivery that was over 10 minutes. Just can\'t say enough...don\'t get ripped off elsewhere.

02.05.2012 - No name

Great Service, Pretty Quick, Very nice guy. all questions answerd. Will use agian

01.05.2012 - Happy Customer

Wow bought some isk and in under 6 mins was able to get it in game. Very satisfied with the purchase and customer support!

27.04.2012 - Kyle

Great service! Definitely going to be a repeated customer! A++

25.04.2012 - miklot enderas

yes all went without a hitch.This will be my preferred service in the future thanks

16.04.2012 - Julius

I was sceptical at first so I ordered a small amount as a test. It was delivered within minutes and with excellent instructions from the live chat operators. Will definitely be using again.

15.04.2012 -

Will buy again fast

13.04.2012 - Captain Awesome

Very helpful, very professional. I\'ll be back next month

13.04.2012 - Caio H***

Fast, Simple and sure i´ll purchase more! Thank You ISKBANK!

12.04.2012 - Happy customer

Great service, step by step guidance, operators always keen to help, usually max 5 mins until the delivery. Strongly recommended !

10.04.2012 - Tyler L***

Service was absolutely excellent. The service representative stayed on chat with me and literally walked me through the entire process. Definitely a great service to all Eve players!

08.04.2012 -

Very fast, easy and great communication.

04.04.2012 - Dek

Exceptional service, the delivery was under 5 minutes and the process was simple. 10/10

04.04.2012 - Bill

very nice and fast work!

03.04.2012 - Nigel

Quick, painless, large amounts in stock. I\'ll be spreading the word!

30.03.2012 -

Very fast and helpfull!

29.03.2012 - Anon

Great service, fast,easy, painless

28.03.2012 - Steve

Worked flawlessly. No problems and delivery in 5 minutes flat.

23.03.2012 - Seb

Instant delivery, perfect !!!

19.03.2012 - Daniel

fast secure and all round awesome

18.03.2012 - Ash

Very easy, very quick. A pleasure to deal with!

12.03.2012 - +V+


06.03.2012 - Ashley

Excellent fast service - only issue for me was having to create a new character to recieve the plex bus would definately use them again

05.03.2012 - VKA

Perfect, delivered within 5 minutes. Keep it up!

04.03.2012 - Hek\'tha

Perfectly, and fast service !

03.03.2012 - SM

Very good was fast little skeptical at first but bam delivered and lots of isk richer.

27.02.2012 - Tyson

Amazing service. ill use again

27.02.2012 - Rook

Excellent Quick service. This is three times I\'ve used ISKBank. Just dont order after 11pm or you\'ll have to wait.

25.02.2012 - Siukri


24.02.2012 - +V+

A+++ Service. Recommended. Sorry, gotta fly now, see ya later..

24.02.2012 - :)

1st time buyer. Service was really fast with all question replyd. B back for more ;D 10/10

22.02.2012 - Happy Camper

First time buyer and I was initially quite sceptical, assuming that the services offered by this site would be a scam. However, I did a test purchase after some recommendations from friends and the whole process went flawlessly. The person on the other end of the Live chat is patient, quick to answer any questions or concerns you have and very helpful to talk you through the in game process. Whole thing took about 5 minutes to complete Ill be back to buy again very soon...

22.02.2012 - Kirk

Amazing service, swift transactions and any questions i had where answered promptly. I will be coming back for more. 10/10

18.02.2012 - Rodney Gamble

Outstanding service and extremely fast delivery. Thx again guys, another satisfied customer…

18.02.2012 - Happy customer

The service was quick and the live chat agent was very helpful and guided me throughout the process. will make more purchases in the future

18.02.2012 - Me

Efficient and friendly, 5 stars

16.02.2012 - Shingles

great service

15.02.2012 -

Was simple and smooth

15.02.2012 - Sentu

5 Stars !! Fast and good Support :9

05.02.2012 - CuD

I made mistakes during purchase,but the live support helped me and i was super satisfied overall. 5/5

04.02.2012 - Alexander

Fast easy service, was nervous first since it was my first time doing this. I have made two purchases so far and will see to coming here again. Excellent support from the operator! 5 *

25.01.2012 - querias

Simple... fast... 5stars

21.01.2012 -

Excellent customer service. Agent stayed w/ me through the entire process, and answered questions. Process was fast, smooth and without snag. Will do business again, thank you Dol.!

18.01.2012 -

Wonderful customer service. Went above and beyond to help me collect my ISK, even though I could not immediately meet the normal requirements. Saved me 24 hours of grief and waiting.

17.01.2012 - V.G.

Fast, detailed instructions, 5 stars!! Thank you!

17.01.2012 - paul

I was extremly scetchy about using this site as ive been burned before buy a similar site, so I had an excessive amount of questions, which the online guys answered gladly. I recieved my purchase in game well before the quoted amount of time and am extremly pleased with this site. I would recomend to anyone that has a real life and doesnt have time to do everything they need to in game.

16.01.2012 - steveo

Orderd about 10+ times now, every time the transaction has gone smooth, A** for time management and always great communication from them :D keep it up guys :D

12.01.2012 - iskbuyer

Perfect service! Detailed instructions via chat and delivery within five minutes! Couldn\'t be better. Thanks!

12.01.2012 - NugZ

Absolutely incredible, seriously! professional and impeccable service and a quick result! if like me you were nervous about your first order DONT BE! amazing success and rapid delivery! i know where im coming each month!

12.01.2012 - eve klingon fan

amazing service . puntual to a T. giveing u guys a 5 star rating

07.01.2012 - eve playa

bought and receive imediately!!

07.01.2012 - Apoc

Delivery was fast took me a while to figure out to get my items though. I will be back again.

06.01.2012 - lomanada

great service

04.01.2012 -

This was my first order. The process was slightly different from the FAQ, but overall it was great and all was delivered as promised.

03.01.2012 - geoffrey

Service impecable plusieurs fois acheter ,isk, ship meme personnage aucun probleme tres suivis et proffessionel ne pas avoir peur de commander a recommander allez y

03.01.2012 - Inf1nity

great service awsome prices what more can you ask for

02.01.2012 - Jani

My first buy yesterday and all went GREAT! Amazing! Going to buy again. Thank you! I recommend.

01.01.2012 - Ezio

Everything went amazingly, and now I\'m in the process of training for hull repair and a few other things :) Advanced training will be so much easier now :) Very well priced also!

30.12.2011 - Shawn

Outstanding service!! 15 minutes from order to delivery! Can\'t ask for better.

30.12.2011 - Eve is Real

I have used this serive several times and they are legit, fast on delivery and very reasonably priced. I recommend them to anyone needing a little help geting ahead in EVE.

28.12.2011 - vlad

excellent service. thanks. i will buy again soon :)

27.12.2011 - SABM

I\'ve just made my 6th purchase. Every time I make an order, each purchase is faster and more efficient than the last order. They are TRUE PRO\'s. I\'m very pleased with this service.

26.12.2011 - Ynnel

Sehr schnell und freundlich! Gerne wieder. Vielen Dank!

24.12.2011 - PP

excellent service :) fast, cheap and on the level :) real pro\'s

22.12.2011 - Carol

I just made my first order, and I have to say that they where speedy and reliable. Was nervous, but now I have more trust with such a friendly site

15.12.2011 - dennis

hello my name is dennis this is my second time i have ordered from iskbank now and i love it they have done what thay sad they word do live chat Operator was nice and helpful alot i has my isk with in 5 mins iskbank you are doing a good job keep up the good work i am going to tell my all of friends about you and i will be ordering from you again

13.12.2011 - Graham

third time buyer...excellent service, friendly staff, super fast. great work guys, have a great festive season & fly safe!

10.12.2011 - Mario

sehr guter service. hat alles eins a geklappt. Sehr schnelle Lieferung netter support. nur zu empfehlen hier zu Kaufen.

10.12.2011 - dennis

very good and very quick thanks you alot and i will be ordering from you again

07.12.2011 - Jared

This is twice now that I\'ve gone to IskBank.com and it\'s twice now that they\'ve exceeded my expectations. Live chat was very professional and delivery was very fast. Don\'t go anywhere else.

07.12.2011 - Franko

Great service. I have used IskBank twice now and both times a perfectly safe and seamless method of purchase. Fast efficient and secure. Great staff and a very simple method of delivery. I recommend the service to anyone starting out in need of Isk

06.12.2011 - sweetche***

all ways fast and safe whoot thanks isk bank for such a good service

06.12.2011 - MoonL***

Service was quick, had my delivery within half an hour. Staff person who handled my order did so with professionalism. Will definitely use this service again.

04.12.2011 - Houdini

This is THE place for me when I need. No need to go any further on your search. Several completed orders over the past year and NEVER an issue. Dont hesitate to at least chat with them.. Happy Holidays

04.12.2011 - Dan

Fast fast service. No issues since I switched to this company. 3 successful deliveries.

30.11.2011 - Mike

Seen the company behind EVE actually sells ISK themselves, there is no problem in my eyes of buying ISK from other companies as well. ISKBank however are the best to get your EVE stuff. Quick delivery and good service.

29.11.2011 - Udo S.

I must say after buying the ammount of isk which i will not disclose for obvious reasons. i was very happy to see how fast and absoloutely reliable the staff of iskbank.com is. Their support staff has excellent english skills which you would not find very often on such sites and the speed at which my order was carried out was unbelievably fast. thank you guys

22.11.2011 -

Fast and reliable,Excelent service and Support.

18.11.2011 - herper

worked very well and fast, good service

17.11.2011 - eveonymous

Late reply but it had to be said. Online chat gave me all the confidence i needed to try this out. And when i did everthing got resolved within an hour. Excellent support and good service

17.11.2011 - Tomas

First time i try to buy items on this web site, i was surprised how quickly and perfect everything went. I can highly recommend.

16.11.2011 - Seven

Great service & Support! Fast delivery!

15.11.2011 - Nullsec\'r

Fantastic service once again, half a bill and a couple of plex\'s, delivered within minutes to my trade alt.

14.11.2011 - David N***

Just finished up a big order today, it was smooth and painless. They made it very easy and very safe thank you for your wonderful service. I recommend this site for all your eve needs.

09.11.2011 - Sh****iller

Today was my first bought on this site. I received what I ordered within 4 minutes. That\'s just AWESOME.

07.11.2011 -

As usual magnific service and all done in 2 mins without any complication.

05.11.2011 - a rich person now...

Nice, 2bill fast and clean, bought in € from europe :)

03.11.2011 -

Fantastic service, very quick and extremely helpfull, its the first time i have ever bought anything outside of a game before but now it wont be my last.

02.11.2011 -

outstanding setup keep up the good work.

02.11.2011 - Simon

Very fast and always reliable. 5th purchase and still no issues.

29.10.2011 -

They do a great job. I will always do my business with them.

25.10.2011 - Odoluke

These guys are great. They have excellent service, delivery and communication.

23.10.2011 - Lory

Honest and reliable. I will do business with IskBank again.

23.10.2011 - Vann

Excellent service! Patient customer service that walked me through all of the steps ... will use again. Guaranteed!

18.10.2011 - Dennis

I\'ve never written one of these, or believed them to be honest. But i\'ve been gaming for over 8 years now playing them all. This is the first time i\'ve never had a single problem with in-game delivery. These guys are hands down the best in-game money dealers I have ever dealt with.

15.10.2011 - Douche Waffle

Great service. Friendly and helpful support agents. Would highly recommend to all my friends.

11.10.2011 - james

great buy and great service step by step been buying off them now for a while and never had trouble keep up the good work guys

03.10.2011 - Adrian Wilson

Really good service, taken though all the do\'s and dont\'s on how to be safe, very cheap, and thank you George for the amazing break down of all the rules, and the transaction itself. ! +5

03.10.2011 -

Great fast service! Long time customer will be returning again.

02.10.2011 - EarlGreye

Fantastic service!!

30.09.2011 - Greg

Great service, I used a competitor before i found this place and was caught. Using ISK bank is the safest method around.

29.09.2011 - AyaX

Купил 2 Плекса. Всё отлично, дёшего и надёжно!

27.09.2011 - Sam

Quick and easy - cheap too. Fantastic!

27.09.2011 - cal

super fast, with many more protocols in place to avoid detection, my first purchace very smooth and fast, will deffo reuse the site. Ive used other sites but this was the best one.

25.09.2011 - csuresy

Cheap PLEX and fast delivery. THX

25.09.2011 - Stephen Coates

Excellent service and support from the staff. Will definately use them again

20.09.2011 - adanreania

fast delivery. great support.

15.09.2011 -

iskbank is simply the best there is i will be coming back

15.09.2011 - Nez

Very reliable fast service. I was surprised on how patient their online staff was. They will be seeing repeat business from me.

14.09.2011 - Mr. Sneaky

Very fast transfer and great service!

09.09.2011 - h******e

Good and fast service, never used that kind of stuff before, they re reliable .

09.09.2011 - Lord Hemlchen

Echt super leute hier bei der Iskbank, immer nett, geduldig und verdammt schnell, wenn man nicht mehrfach bestellen muss wenn man was vergessen hat dauert es keine 5 minuten bis man seine ware hat, ich kann die iskbank nur weiterempfehlen, ich werde hier definitiv immer wieder einkaufen, großes lob an euch

07.09.2011 - lord helmutt

Great service through and through. Very fast, patient and above all very helpfull. 100%

06.09.2011 - Hexagram

5 stars. Very good service.

05.09.2011 - Jeroen Diode

Damn this worked good, I will certainly use it again when needed.

05.09.2011 - Anna Nemo

My first purchase is completed. Great Live Support, Sticks with you every step of the way. Everything is done very professionally and the conversation is only finished when you receive the exact amount. I\'ll be back :)

04.09.2011 - Ano Nimo

The Live Chat is very patient and very clear in their responses. Very well organized! Congrats.

03.09.2011 -

5 Stars !! Great service and very fast Thank you

02.09.2011 - unknown17

Great service!

01.09.2011 - sk8ertanker

Without a doubt the only service I use to buy items or ISK in game. Very professional and fast. Customer service is very knowledgeable and helpful. I will always come back to ISK bank. Might even try to get an Alt involved in this fantastic enterprise. Thanks again

31.08.2011 - John

5 Stars

29.08.2011 - Anthony

Great service, great security, trusted staff and a quick delivery took only 3-5 minutes exactally on the dot. Will recommend this site to everyone!!

28.08.2011 - Andrei

Very good and fast service. 100% come back. bought plex for eve. veeery cheap and easy. Thank you.

25.08.2011 -

Very nice service and fast delivery. Will use again when needed for sure.

21.08.2011 - tatt2ed

Fast delivery and always friendly. So far one of the best ISK sellers sites I have found. Thanks ISKBank

17.08.2011 - Anonymous 2

Fast Delivery Patient Support 5 star!

16.08.2011 - HappyCustomer

Quick and reliable service. Support every step of the way. Very happy. Thanks.

09.08.2011 - anthony

Great service and friendly staff, the process should be a bit faster less then 3 jumps

07.08.2011 -

Super fast and it seems to be a very same method of delivery. Way better than some of the others. Thanks!

07.08.2011 -

Great service, good stuff and live chat very good . i recommend this service.

03.08.2011 - J

great service, fast and secure! And friendly CS operator on the live chat.

03.08.2011 -

Great service. Fast and very private. Will be recommending all my friends here. A++

16.07.2011 - Customer Review

so far so good. Easy to use and straight foward.

09.07.2011 - Customer Review

Awesome service! At first I was a little hesitant and nervous. Then I was amazed by how fast this process works! I will recommend this site to ALL of my friends!

06.07.2011 - Customer Review

great service, definitely will come back again

05.07.2011 - Customer Review

Heard good news about you guys. Love it!

02.07.2011 - Customer Review

Good stuff! Staff is very available via the Live Chat feature. I liked the method that they use for transacting. I would definitely recommend their services to others and use it again myself in the future.

29.06.2011 - Customer Review

Excellent Service! thanks

25.06.2011 - Customer Review

So far this service has been the best i have used.

22.06.2011 - Customer Review

The way to get money is very nice.. i like the way to use this way to buy isk.

20.06.2011 - Customer Review

great, thx

15.06.2011 - Customer Review

Fast and Nice

11.06.2011 - Customer Review

all perfect

10.06.2011 - Customer Review

First time went great customer service excellent will buy from them again.

02.06.2011 - Customer Review

First time using this service and it went very smooth!

29.05.2011 - Customer Review

Fast again and great online support!

28.05.2011 - Customer Review

Always excellent service. You NEED to offer more than just isk cause I would never buy item from anyone else. You make me spend, and thats good :)

28.05.2011 - Customer Review

very good, received my goods quickly, no hassle

27.05.2011 - Customer Review

Best service i had

24.05.2011 - Customer Review

Great, what else to say.

23.05.2011 - Customer Review

Quick fast

23.05.2011 - Customer Review

good service answered all of my questions

23.05.2011 - Customer Review

Great service, very fast, thanx

21.05.2011 - Customer Review

Great service. Fast and reliable.

20.05.2011 - Customer Review

wery fast and good servises.

16.05.2011 - Customer Review

I love ISKbank !! It fast and nice!!

16.05.2011 - Customer Review

Service was great. Live operator was patient and professorial. ISK was delivered fast and quantity was correct.

15.05.2011 - Customer Review

always a great service..and fast also..!

15.05.2011 - Customer Review

Fast and nice service :)

15.05.2011 - Customer Review

3rd time I buy from here and never got any issue. Order are delivered a few minute ago. 10/10 :)

12.05.2011 - Customer Review

service was great and speedy!

10.05.2011 - Customer Review

Fast service

06.05.2011 - Customer Review

Good fast sevice

05.05.2011 - Customer Review

Amazing service thanks

29.04.2011 - Customer Review

prompt servace very helpful

29.04.2011 - Customer Review


25.04.2011 - Customer Review

Amazing service, extremely fast, very helpful, thank you, best site to buy isk hands down, not to mention the price is great.

23.04.2011 - Customer Review

Decent prices and prompt service. I will definitely buy again.

22.04.2011 - Customer Review

Good service. Quick response. Will use again!

20.04.2011 - Customer Review

thanks guys

11.04.2011 - Customer Review

Thx again. :)

10.04.2011 - Customer Review

Nothing to say but... Quick and Reliable. Will surely buy again.

08.04.2011 - Customer Review

super fast service and super cheap too :D

04.04.2011 - Customer Review

The entire process took 10 mins. couldnt be happier with your service. Thanks very much

19.03.2011 - Customer Review

thanks great sevice, fast and effecient

18.03.2011 - Customer Review

Quick, cheap, perfect. Will use your service again! :)

14.03.2011 - Customer Review

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I like that you are discreet and assure your customers unwavering support. i like you and your staff.

08.03.2011 - Customer Review

awsome service, i could not ask for much more, had a little problem at first but IskBank got striaght onto the problem, 10000% will use again :D

07.03.2011 - Customer Review

Very quick, thank you.

02.03.2011 - Customer Review

fast and good =] i like it

02.03.2011 - Customer Review

Quick and easy delivery

01.03.2011 - Customer Review

I started a chat to see if they had 1B ISK on hand and within 10 minutes I had ordered and received it. Very quick and friendly

01.03.2011 - Customer Review

Fast service. Thanks again.

01.03.2011 - Customer Review

thank you very much, great service

28.02.2011 - Customer Review

very fast service 10+

27.02.2011 - Customer Review

good and quick, just a bit slow when delivering chars

27.02.2011 - Customer Review

fast delivery. no problems

25.02.2011 - Customer Review

everithing ok, tks again.

25.02.2011 - Customer Review

Thanks Mate, worked well. Twice now.

21.02.2011 - Customer Review

This is my 2nd order, everything went as expected. Will recommend.

19.02.2011 - Customer Review

The process was smooth highly recommend thanks so much

18.02.2011 - Customer Review

Everything went great, thanks a lot =)

17.02.2011 - Customer Review

great service as always!!:)

11.02.2011 - Customer Review

Great service, they patiently talked me through the whole thing. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase ISK.

10.02.2011 - Customer Review

Great service, fast prompt delivery.

08.02.2011 - Customer Review

Really the best service I’ve met, Iskbank has fastest support, cheaper discount prices and zero issues due to its genuine ISK transfer system. Thank you guyz for a hard work!

07.02.2011 - Customer Review

Very fast delivery and Profisional support.

06.02.2011 - Customer Review


06.02.2011 - Customer Review

Thanks guys, your awesome.

02.02.2011 - Customer Review

This is the second purchase i have made, the first was very quick and easy and safe, no doubt the second one will be the same.

01.02.2011 - Customer Review

quick, easy, helpful and efficiant. Almost as good as beer; and I really love beer.

29.01.2011 - Customer Review

just awesome!

29.01.2011 - Customer Review

good job, best service ever ;)

29.01.2011 - Customer Review

very fast service, thanks

28.01.2011 - Customer Review

Great Service and fast delivery. Always reliable and trusted. :)

28.01.2011 - Customer Review

Great service, very fast ! :)

24.01.2011 - Customer Review

Very Very Very Fast... a im use this more Thx """"···!!!!!!

20.01.2011 - Customer Review

Very fast !! Thx :D

15.01.2011 - Customer Review

You guys are the best for service

06.01.2011 - Customer Review

Très rapide, fiable et au meilleur prix :)

05.01.2011 - Customer Review

best service ever ;)

03.01.2011 - Customer Review

great fast game !!! will come more often with the prices

01.01.2011 - Customer Review

excellent service nice and fast even when its busy . will be back again soon happy new year

30.12.2010 - Customer Review

Fast and helpfull. Great service

28.12.2010 - Customer Review

very good, thank you

24.12.2010 - Customer Review

Reliable as ever: AAA+

24.12.2010 - Customer Review

Thank you for your services. You have the fastest response.

22.12.2010 - Customer Review

This service is great even when somthing goes wrong somone will help

21.12.2010 - Customer Review


20.12.2010 - Customer Review

Thanks for the service, you guys are the great.

17.12.2010 - Customer Review

thanks. see you soon

15.12.2010 - Customer Review

got my stuff in 8 minutes.

13.12.2010 - Customer Review

Thank you, this service it is very good. This is the kind of service that I was looking for always. Best regards

09.12.2010 - Customer Review

fast and reliable as ever :)

09.12.2010 - Customer Review

Quick and easy. Took about 5 minutes and the transaction was complete. Much better than spending days mining trying to make the same thing.

06.12.2010 - Customer Review

Great customer service, very quick. I was pleasantly surprised.

02.12.2010 - Customer Review

Worked perfectly! Thank you.

02.12.2010 - Customer Review

excellent service! a must use group of people

26.11.2010 - Customer Review

Amazing. Only took an hour because I live in a very particular time slot. Very secure and immediate. 100% trustworthy.


18.11.2010 - Customer Review

very quick service. friendly and very helpful. received my 600M order within minutes of placing it.

16.11.2010 - Customer Review

Great job! I got my 1000k isk! Thank you guys!

14.11.2010 - Customer Review

Wonderful website and service! Thanks again!

13.11.2010 - Customer Review

This site is awesome! Bought a Character and now I can fly a carrier without WAITING! Thanks guys.

06.11.2010 - Customer Review

Your service is awesome

04.11.2010 - Customer Review

Many thanks.

31.10.2010 - Customer Review

prompt action.

30.10.2010 - Customer Review

good service nice I give 5 stars fore that

30.10.2010 - Customer Review

Excellent, fast service. Bought my first and second PLEX from them.

27.10.2010 - Customer Review

quick and helpful! excellent service!

19.10.2010 - Customer Review

ran into complications verifying paypal account. i am always on the fence about that... but other than that, it was pretty simple. will def use again.

19.10.2010 - Customer Review

Great service

10.10.2010 - Customer Review

great service, very quick. and they dont give you a run around.

06.10.2010 - Customer Review


04.10.2010 - Customer Review

quick, helpful and discreet. Excellent Service.

02.10.2010 - Customer Review


29.09.2010 - Customer Review

Fast, discreet and honorable

25.09.2010 - Customer Review

Excellent service :)

25.09.2010 - Customer Review

working smoothly thank you

25.09.2010 - Customer Review

very good and quick service

24.09.2010 - Customer Review

Professional service, fast and cheap. Good support as well.

24.09.2010 - Customer Review

Easy to do :)

23.09.2010 - Customer Review

Took an entire 10 minutes. Excellent and fast service! Thanks guyz!

22.09.2010 - Customer Review

Great safe service!

22.09.2010 - Customer Review

contract created very fast, well done!

17.09.2010 - Customer Review

good job

15.09.2010 - Customer Review

Your service is amazing and i would buy from you anytime i need more isk. Thank you for being very fast and professional the whole way through!

15.09.2010 - Customer Review

Very fast...perfect Contact...Thank you!!!!

14.09.2010 - Customer Review

quick, fast and efficient. much appreciated.

14.09.2010 - Customer Review

Спасибо! =)

12.09.2010 - Customer Review

thanks :)

11.09.2010 - Customer Review

many thanks

11.09.2010 - Customer Review

was great.

11.09.2010 - Customer Review

fast and reliable as always. thanks guys

11.09.2010 - Customer Review

wow, that was fast!

10.09.2010 - Customer Review

very well.

10.09.2010 - Customer Review

Smooth and easy to use payment options! Game On!

10.09.2010 - Customer Review

one word, awsome!!

09.09.2010 - Customer Review

Helpful friendly and understanding, plus quick

09.09.2010 - Customer Review

Excellent service And a very safe way of transfering the funds

09.09.2010 - Customer Review

very good

08.09.2010 - Customer Review

Excellent service.

08.09.2010 - Customer Review

Very nice service and operators

07.09.2010 - Customer Review

really good service quick transaction

06.09.2010 - Customer Review

nice, fast, friendly

06.09.2010 - Customer Review

Fast, reliable: perfect job !

05.09.2010 - Customer Review

great, fast service. thx

05.09.2010 - Customer Review

amazing service top notch

05.09.2010 - Customer Review

always happy to very quickly

05.09.2010 - Customer Review

Great to deal with! Helped me out in the most patient and professsional way:)

04.09.2010 - Customer Review

quick, and easy service. really impressive

04.09.2010 - Customer Review

Everything was clear, easy and fast

04.09.2010 - Customer Review

solid service, fastest delivery ever. reliable.

04.09.2010 - Customer Review

These guys are great! Fast Service and very helpful staff!

01.09.2010 - Customer Review

Awesome service

30.08.2010 - Customer Review

First time i was here - looking good so far. live chat is great.

26.08.2010 - Customer Review

Excelent. ISKBank is the best place to buy from! the best of them all. Thank you for your speedy service. Got it in under 5 minutes.

25.05.2010 - CXraig_i

Solid transaction...

25.05.2010 - markus_e


25.05.2010 - S_Gate01

Great Service!!!!!!

25.05.2010 - Weaser

Out Standing This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25.05.2010 - errtgo

This is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30.04.2010 - markus

very good seller.

26.04.2010 - A+ beq


26.04.2010 - Atlantic


23.04.2010 - Pierre

Very fast delivery! Thanks.

23.04.2010 - Ralph Moogan

thanks, guys. awesome service, awesome support. best regards

23.04.2010 - CXraig

A+ seller.

22.04.2010 - Alex.

Delivery in 7 minutes!! I was pleasantly surprised. Excellent seller.

21.04.2010 - @trex

Just great!

21.04.2010 - ploom

Fast, safe and reliable service. Thanks you. ploom

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    Nice and fast!

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    Cheap, very fast and very easy handling ! and a fck nice support :) have my order in 5-10mins. Everytime again guys Thank you!

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