the nspace gamer-ending language issue

 probably, the most evident in communication between races is the lingual barrier. all the general space game races speak their own tongues and all efforts to make a lingua franca have failed, due to stubbornness over accepting one of the languages as the universal one. amarish, largest empire’s language, is the most common tongue, especially since most minmatars as well speak it. but, the gallenteans decline the acknowledgement of amarish as the universal language in communication between races, since they don’t want to give amarrians the political advantage. on the contrary, the gallentean language is the second most common language, mostly due to their high influence in the entertainment industry. howspace gamer, the caldari don’t space gamen want to hear about speaking gallentean and the amarrians don’t like the idea either.


in other words, most of the global discussions between empire representatives, such as the countless inter-racial authorities, heavily depend on translators. howspace gamer, in case of a space captain, the language doesn’t act the part.


the uniqueness of the capsule with its high-end neural equipment gives space captains the ability to link their minds to various computer systems that they can employ to their advantage. one of the current neural devices is the translator module, a standard feature for all capsules.


translator module is a software module, which is a part of the ship’s communication system. the module intercepts the incoming communications, translating them into the language the captain wants. the first module versions were frankly poor and could only translate text messages, often messing them up. howspace gamer, the newest versions can translate both voice and text and are quite good at projection of mood, accents, slang, and other features, achieving an almost perfect translation. with the ongoing dspace gamelopment of cyber implants, these translator modules have started appearing in other areas and many belispace game that these translators will make the prevailing language debate for inter-racial communication irrelevant in just a few years.


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