Safe Spots

safe spots are needed for jumping safe in low-sec space, or in case of war, in high-sec as well. a safe spot is warp point to which the player who's created it can easily get, and his enemies - only after complicated manipulations, so safe spots obviously increase flights safety.
it is quite simple to create a safe spot. you have to go to the "people and places" tab and keep it open. next, you need to fly to the system where you want to install a safe spot. preferably, on a fast ship – a shuttle or frigate. after exiting the gate, select any distant object (a planet, station, another gate; a moon or asteroid field is better not to use) and warp to it. somewhere in the middle of the warp in empty space, away from any objects, click the button add bookmark. after the warp, test the safe spot - jump to the bookmarked place - and your ship is in space, and there is no single point to warp to around!
but this is not all, yet - still, the point you created is on a straight line between other objects in the system, and players, jumping on the same path, will fly through this point and can accidentally notice your ship (for example, in the review). so for space gamen greater security, you need to repeat the creation of a safe spot, already starting from the point in space you've created to some other object. then you'll have another a safe spot, which is not a straight line between any two objects in the system. your enemies will not be able to accidentally locate your safe spot now.
and finally, to do the maximum for security, do not stay too long in one safe spot, constantly change them - and then the enemies will not be able to find you space gamen using scan probes. thus, space gamen a novice can move around lowsec relatively safe - he can be killed only if he does not have time to get to a safe spot. safe spots allow to pass through systems, virtually with no risk.

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