Missiles range

The maximum range of missiles is determined by a simple formula - the product of maximum speed of the rocket (max velocity), measured in m / sec, and the maximum flight time of a missile (max flight time), measured in seconds. The result of the multiplication is the range of flight in meters – the distance a missile flies until its fuel supply ends (the physical model in the game does not include the further flight speed and range by inertia - perhaps in the future this will be taken into account).
There exists a skill Missile projection, which allows you to increase the maximum velocity of the missile. Also, some ships, mostly Caldari ships (e.g. Raven and Caracal), have bonuses that increase the speed of rockets launched. There is also a skill that increases the maximum flight time - Missile bombardment. The ship Cerberus, for example, has a similar bonus to increase flight time.
By missile range all the missiles can be divided into 5 types:
- Rockets (small) - a very small range (4500 m);
- Light missiles (light) - a small range (18,750 m);
- Heavy missiles (heavy) - average flight range (37,500 m);
- Torpedos - average flight range (37,500 meters), very low speed, but much more damage.
- Cruise missiles (cruise) - a large range (75000 m);
In addition to the flight range great attention should be payed to the speed - missiles do not reach the target immediately, and because of this firing at fast targets (such as Interceptors) often simply does not make sense. To get at a ship, the speed of which is higher than the fire rate of missiles is possible only if an extremely inexperienced player pilots the ship. Therefore it is better either to have on board some more weapons along with missiles, or missile ships to use in conjunction with others.

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