Link Modules

Each race has three unique link modules (Warfare Links), distributing bonuses to the Gang.
The Amarr have the group of Armored Warfare Links:
The link «Damage Control» reduces the consumption of the capacitor by repair modules of  ships in the gang by 2%; the link «Passive Defense» increases armor resistance by 2%; the link «Rapid Repair» reduces the time for armor repair by 2%.
The Gallente have Information Warfare Links group:
The link «Electronic Superiority» increases by 2% the power of electronic warfare modules; the  link «Recon Operation» increases by 2% the range of electronic warfare modules in the gang; the link «Sensor Integrity» increases the power of ship sensors by 3%.
The Caldari have the group Siege Warfare Links:
«Active Shielding» reduces Shield boosters cycle by 2%; «Shield Efficiency» reduces capacitor consumption by Shield boosters (and Shield transporters) by 2% for the ships in the gang; the link «Shield Harmonizing» increases by 2% shield resistance of the ships.
And the Minmatar have Skimish Warfare Links:
«Evasive Maneuvers» reduces by 2 % the radius of the signature of a ship in the gang; «Interdiction Maneuvers» increases by 3% the range of propulsion jamming modules (but does not affect Warp Disruption Field Generators); «Rapid Deployment» increases by 2% the speed of Afterburner and MicroWarpDrive of the ships in the gang.
There are also separate mining links - Mining Foreman Links:
«Harvester Capacitor Efficency» reduces by 2% capacitor power consumption by the modules  Mining lasers, Ice harvesters and Gas harvesters if the ships are in gang; «Laser Optimization» reduces by 2% the duration of a cycle of the same extracting modules; and «Mining Laser Field Enchancement» increases by as much as 4.5% the range of producing modules for all ships in the  gang.

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