Implants and bonuses

special implants that are placed in the implant 10 slots of the character are called mindlinks - they also increase bonuses. each mindlink increases link bonuses by 50% and is a 50% improved equivalent to the racial bonus skill warfare (corresponds to additional 15% to the armor in armored warfare lspace gamel 5 at the amarr, instead of 10%, for example). the mindlink for mining is called mining foreman mindlink.
the general formula for calculating fleet bonuses looks like this:
(link bonus ) * (warfare link specialist skill lspace gamel) * (1 + warfare link specialist skill lspace gamel* 0.1) * (1 + command ships skill lspace gamel* 0.03) * (number of mindlinks * 1.5).
if we take as an example the command ship of the caldari vulture, which has the shield harmonizing link from the group siege warfare link, 5-th lspace gamel of command ships and siege warfare specialist skills, and siege warfare mindlink; the ship will give 15% bonus to the shield (for the use of the mindlink) of the other ships in the gang, and bonuses to shield resistance of (0.02) * (5) * (1 +5 * 0.1) * (1 +5 * 0.03) * (1.5), resulting in 0 25,875 - 25.875%.
and if command processor is installed on the command ship, other links can be added. they will not give such power-ups, but some bonuses will be added anyway.
with the addition of powerful new strategic t3 class cruisers in space game, players got new, much more powerful bonus ships. their subsystem defensive - warfare processor gives a bonus of 5% to the effectiveness of all racial warfare links per lspace gamel of the existing racial skill defensive systems. so the maximum efficiency of the basic link of 2% increases up to 28.125% (0.28125)! this is more than tenfold increase in the efficiency of the initial bonus!

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