How to choose a solar system for mining.

not any system is suitable for a novice miner. there are certain criteria that can be used for choosing the system:
- security lspace gamel should be high - from 1.0 to 0.8, otherwise pirates may impede you.
- there should be few pilots (potential competitors), the fewer the better.
- the system should be close to you (within 5 hops through stargates).
- there should be at least 1 station at which it is possible to purify ore (refinery service) and sale it in the market.
such a system can be found fairly easy – through the tab with navigation maps (the icon with white points connected by lines). then go to the labels tab and disable any options except for solar systems. then go to security status which is in the color stars by section and you will see the security lspace gamel of solar systems. a white point means high security lspace gamel.
after selecting a suitable system, select average pilots in space in last 30 minutes, which is in the statistics section. concord will give you the necessary information, which will be visible on the map. the number of pilots can see by the color code, or by just moving the cursor over a star. if there are more than 15 people in the system, this may lead to competition when mining asteroid belts, so it is more reasonable to choose another system for ore mining.
when searching for a system, flatten map mode may be useful, as well as zoom options.
when you find a suitable system, right click it with the mouse and select set as destination in the drop-down menu; then the map can be closed. now click on autopilot you will easily reach the system, where you will be able to extract resources.

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