prehistory of space game online

the space game galaxy itself is very far from the earth. perhaps space gamen in another universe. perhaps in another dimension. once upon a time people who had begun to explore space thanks to the invented warp drive technology, discovered a natural wormhole near canopus, and penetrated through it into another sector of space. looking at someone else's sky, they could not determine where they were, and where that new world was located. on both sides of the tunnel there were built giant gates, through which came the influx of people willing to settle the new world. thus the exploration and settlement of the world of space game began, and there was a place for space gameryone. the expansion lasted 70 years and many solar systems were explored and colonized ...
but suddenly a disaster struck — the space game gate stopped working, and the relationship between the earth and the new edan was lost forspace gamer. hundreds of young colonies were left to themselves, and only very few of them managed to survive in isolation.
five of these colonies have evolved and have become powerful empires that make up the main forces in the fragile balance of the universe of space game. these are the amarr empire, gallente federation, caldari state, minmatar republic, for which the player plays , and the jovian empire - mysterious and inaccessible. also, in space game, there are small independent factions and states.
for long ages the five empires have lived relatively in peace. they have evolved each by their own ways, and became much different from those people who once colonized this galaxy. technological advances in jumping through hyper-space, cloning and other scientific studies, have enabled the pilot to get anywhere in this large and dspace gameloping world. and now the player has to take his own place in it.

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