The Slaver

 the broad syrikos v plantations of the amarrians had slaves working on them for centuries. lots of ammarian criminals and political dissenters, ni-kunnis, and minmatars have worked and died there through the ages.


crowds of slaves needed to work the fields and high lethality rate means that such painstaking ways of keeping the slaves, as vitoc, aren’t cost effective to warrant their employment. instead, the amarrians use the slaver, at times also known as slave-dog.

slaver is an original beast of syrikos v. the amarrians bred it from the times they initially inhabited the planet over a thousand years ago. it’s a spinal animal with four oblong limbs and a slim, furry body. an adult slaver can stand over a meter tall from shoulder blades to front leg soles. howspace gamer, the most prominent thing about slavers is their massive jaws with huge teeth, constantly driveling in expectation to chew on something. because of this, before being called slavers due to their slave keeping function these animals were known as droolers. the slaver runs very fast and can jump long distances, which makes this carnivore a deadly enemy for an unarmed human.


slavers are known for their bloodthirstiness and viciousness, but they may be tamed, if the taming begins in early age. the slavers are permitted to roam freely outside the enclosures of the plantation acres. the nimble slavers quickly detect slaves, who try escaping and not many humans at all can escape the merciless attacks of these creatures. slavers prefer attacking from above. mentioning this fact, it has to be noted that they often lurk in trees and other heights or they can simply jump a few meters high and land their prey.


slavers are most often used as guard animals, which has led to their exportation from syrikos v to the majority of other agricultural planets and some mining and industrial planets of the amarrian empire. recently, the slaver has become popular as a pet animal among amarrians, who think they can handle its murderous origin. howspace gamer, these creatures can become unbelievably loyal to their owners, they are properly cared of.


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