Things to Know about Deadspace Invasion

 The Definition of Deadspace Invasion


Deadspace invasion is an unrequested entry in the deadspace area of another player's mission.


The Purpose of Deadspace Invasion


In general, invasion into mission deadspaces is done to chase mission runners (PVP mode), but is also sometimes done to ninja salvage or ninja loot.


Requirements for Deadspace Invasion


In order to invade another player’s mission deadspace, you must have the 3rd level in Science and 2nd level in Astrometrics skills.


You also must have the following modules: Combat Scanner Probe and Expanded Probe Launcher I.


Deadspace invasion requires you to have at least 220 ft CPU on your ship.


Recommendations for Deadspace Invasion


It is recommended to employ a ship that provides signal strength bonuses. There are as well certain implants, which provide similar or related advantages. This can help reduce the time you require to trace a mission deadspace.


How to Invade Mission Deadspace?


You must find a ship within a mission deadspace via probes. Send your combat probes in empty regions of space with a quite large scanning radius. In case they pick up a unit in the back of beyond, it is probably situated in a mission deadspace.


You just need to get 100% signal strength on the ship and then teleport to it. You’ll be teleported to the deadspace’s entrance, at the acceleration gate. Don’t forget to bookmark the entrance.


What Are the Restrictions of Mission Deadspace?


Many believe that mission deadspaces are available only while the mission runner is completing a mission. Nevertheless, if you’re still in the deadspace, it won’t disappear, while you are there. Deadspaces as well disappear in downtimes.


A good suggestion would be bookmarking a single object in every deadspace complex section. Although mission’s items will no longer be present, when you return, you will still be able to collect all the wrecks. As the area is not considered a deadspace any longer, you’ll be capable of teleporting directly into it and even use microwarpdrives, if you have them.


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