ore mining in space game online

ore mining is the backbone of space game's economy. an important thing for a beginner is that he/she can start mining immediately after the "training course." all characters in space game start out with the skill mining, which allows to extract ore. if you choose industry in section career / specialization as your career and choose the career specialization prospector, then the character will immediately receive lspace gamel 5 of the skill.
the ore is mined in asteroid belts with a special laser. there is a ship for mining at space gamery race - it's a frigate with a 20% bonus to ore extraction per lspace gamel the mining skill. the ships are tormentor at the amarr, bantam at the caldari, navitas at the gallente and the minmatar have burst. the "digging" frigates also have 60% of energy saving.
mining lasers are placed in the high slots for turrets - you can put two lasers on each "digging" frigate. a miner i laser works at a distance of 10 km and produces (not taking into account skills) 40 m3 of ore per minute. miner ii allows you to extract 60m3 of ore per minute.
your mining character will need the skill mining (the skill's attributes are memory / intelligence, rank 1, it costs 18,000 isk). gives a +5% bonus to the extracted ore per lspace gamel. skill astrogeology from the science section is also useful (attributes - intelligence / memory, rank 3, it requires skills mining and science iv and is worth 405,000 isk). its effect is the same as that of skill mining. having these skills trained to the maximum lspace gamel (lspace gamel v), the player will  receive 1.5625 times more ore than usually per minute (cycle).
asteroids in belts contain different types of ore, for some reason, this depends on the security status (ss) of the solar system. asteroids are named by the type of ore that can be extracted on them.
thus, 1.0 ss systems contain ores veldspar and scordite, system with the status from 0.8 to 0.9 contain ores pyroxeres and plagioclase, and system with the status from 0.5 to 0.7 contain  omber, kernite and plagioclase.

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