Warp Disruption Bubbles

when traveling on the null sectors in space game any pilot could see the so-called bubbles to disrupt the warp. a special class of ships - interdictor establishes them as probes to break the warp, and the ships heavy interdictors may surround themselves with a field with the same effect. there are also mobile warp disruptors, different in size (there are 3 different types of them) that can be placed on anchors. such interruptors not only prspace gament an enemy ship from making a warp-jump, but also stop warp threads of other ships that pass through the bubble. and if a bubble is placed on the trajectory of the warp of a ship (at a distance of 400-1000 km), it will block the warp-tunnel and the passing ship will exit the warp instead of following to its destination point.
when making warp jumps from one star gate to others, you yourself can set a bubble near the second gate on the same line with the first star gate, and then anyone who would jump from the first gate to the second, will fall into this trap. there is also a fine point based on the unimportance of on which side the bubble is installed. the game engine checks only the angle of the warp tunnel, at which intersection with the bubble takes places, but not the actual contact. therefore, the installation of the bubble behind the second gate on the same line with the first gate leads to the following effect — warping ships will immediately fall into the trap behind the gate. the tactical advantage here lies in the accuracy of placement. by installing the bubble on the back side of the gate, you can easily continue the flight to the point where the icons of the gates will visually overlap. you can fly and space gamen further, use smaller and cheaper bubbles, and install them at a greater distance from the gate.

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