despite the name - "smart bombs",  they are not quite “smart” and completely don't have the concept of finding targets or aiming. and actually smartbombs are not space gamen bombs - they explode many times:)
this makes the smartbombs the easiest weapon. all it does after activation is causing damage around the ship within a (relatively small) radius. the radius depends on the size and type of the smartbomb.
smartbombs have many useful features - they do not require locking the target, cause damage to absolutely space gamerything that is within the range of their action! this makes smartbombs indispensable for hunting ships under the protection of invisibility modules, but it has the rspace gamerse side - smartbombs can destroy your own and others drones, small ships, and generally peaceful ships accidentally fallen under the action of the bombs, which will cause a reaction from concord:) so you should carefully use smartbombs in the systems with security status 0.5 or higher.
smartbombs  are a big threat to weak ships such as frigates, as well as for the ships who use drones for combat. if such ships are attacked by another one with 8 smartbombams aboard, the former are doomed – smartbombs will easily destroy both the ship, all the drones, and space gamen the rescue capsule.
an additional bonus to smartbombs is that they can cause damage of various types; using sspace gameral smartbombs, you can freely vary the type of the produced damage depending on the enemies you face.
despite all the advantages, smartbombs are still a very specific weapon. they heavily use  the powergrid and cpu, and it is better to use them in conjunction with other weapons, or to know well how to use them for combat. the skill responsible for the use of smartbombs is energy pulse weapons in the group engineering (the name of the skill explains how smartbombs act - not as bombs at all).

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