Remote production management

the effect of these skills seems not particularly important at first, because they do not increase either the speed or efficiency. but in fact they are very important for any manufacturer, since the  skills scientific networking and supply chain management allow to remotely use laboratories and production lines. this is especially important for beginners who do not have their own pos. both of the skills allow the use of laboratory and production slots, not being close to the station or pos.
the scientific networking skill allows to copy drawings, to launch inventing or research not directly from the station, but remotely. to be more precise, your vehicle and bpo can be away, and at the maximum lspace gamel of the skill — they can be within the region (at the distance of tens of jumps). but if the process of research or copying require some materials, they must be in the laboratory. the final draft or copy (if it is copying) will be available at the laboratory as well. so it will be necessary to visit the lab anyway, but the profit is that the skill saves time, since you can do research and copies simultaneously being engaged in other activities many systems away, such as digging ore.
the supply chain management skill works the same way, but with production lines at stations and pos. a typical example of successful application of the skill is simultaneous production of materials in a certain sector of space near your station or pos, periodically transporting them to the base, and constant production of highly demanded items.
by production and sale (especially by another character), you can earn quite a lot in a very short time - without this skill this would not happen. in fact, space gamen an average lspace gamel of these skills is  enough to feel "at home" within 5 systems which is quite a lot.

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