Outfit for dreadnoughts

dreadnoughts in space game are the basis of capital ships. and although they are much weaker than  titans, they are significantly less expensive. their main purpose in the game is to attack their own class ships and pos-es. as quick movement is not what dreadnoughts were designed for, it is better to tank them with armor. especially capacitor can be useful for other purposes. armor should be maximal, as it would be optimal to have fractional modules.
it is recommended to carry heavy and sentry drones (for the demolition of structures) in the drone bay, as well as light drones to deal against interdictors. moreover, light drones should make about two-thirds of all the drones - if an interdictor does not allow you to warp, it's worse than if you can not make a bit more damage.
at major battles you have to correlate launching of your drones and smart bombs activation by your co-allies - to avoid situations the latter will damage your drones as well.
in the cargo hold of the ship, you should keep the right missiles as many as possible (not for the amarr dreadnought rspace gamelation - it shoots using the capacitor), and strontium - the element that is required to switch to the siege mode. a lot of strontium is needed, because the battle may last longer then planned and the dreadnought will have to go into the siege mode repeatedly. the amount of strontium used per cycle depends on the the lspace gamel tactical weapon reconfiguration skill. strontium is recommended to be kept divided into smaller parts, each portion (exept for the 1st one) should better have a but less amount than needed for 1 siege. it is necessary to prspace gament lags and freezes of the siege mode.
capacitor - a vulnerability in dreadlocks because they use to jump 71.25% of the total capacity. it is always best to try to keep the capacity of the capacitor above this limit that has always been to step back and not lose the ship. true to amarrian rspace gamelation is almost impossible - but it is the most powerful type of dreadnoughts.
the capacitor is  a vulnerability in dreadnoughts because they use 71.25% of the total capacitor amount for 1 jump. it is always best to try to keep the capacity of the capacitor above this limit so that always to be able to step back and not lose the ship. howspace gamer, for the amarr rspace gamelation this is almost impossible - instead it is the most powerful type of dreadnoughts.

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