Operations for dreadnoughts

dreadnoughts are capital ships with a good tanking. these ships in their usual state cause a little more damage than battleships. but they have their main distinguishing ability - the so-called siege mode. this is done through a module that is installed in a high slot. when activated, this module turns the dreadnought into siege mode, which greatly increases damage, repair and shieldboost of the ship, but drops the speed to zero, reduces the resolution of scanning and tracking; also in siege mode, the ships cannot warp. the cycle of siege mode lasts 10 minutes. another feature of dreadnoughts is that, unlike all capital ships, they cannot jump through gates because of their size. they can only warp due to their jump drives into special cyno fields, open by the generators of poses, or generated by co-allies by using specific modules.
dreadnoughts are most effectively used for destroying enemy structures - poses. this activity (pos bashing) is totally a team one, and generally capital ships are not for a solo game. after the jump, the dreadnought approaches the enemy pos, turns on the siege mode by the command of the fleet commander, and opens fire. the main thing here is to start the siege precisely when it's necessary. otherwise the player risk much, because the slow dreadnought can be shot down space gamen by weaker ships, if it does not have strong support from its fleet.
another way in which dreadnoughts can be successfully used is the so-called hotdrop. in fact, this is warping almost straightly into the combat, usually to protect the pos, or to remove the enemy capital ships in a major battle. the main thing about hotdrop is unexpectedness. you should ask about the time of departure only the fleet commander and be silent. after the appearance on the battlefield, if necessary, activate the siege mode and the attack the indicated primary target (often an enemy titan).

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