Mining Drones

to use mining drones the skill mining drones operation is required, the same skill is responsible for the increase in their productivity; these drones are characterized by the following parameters: mining amount - the amount of extracted ore at a time (expected output) and the activation time - rate of digging, the duration of one cycle.
mining drones only know how to dig, no other control is available to them. these are such drones as mining drone, basic mining drone, mining drone ii and some others. to begin the extraction of ore, it is necessary to fly up close (at the right distance) to the selected asteroid, to lock it, release the drones from the hold and give them the command mine repeatedly (repeated extraction).
after that the drones fly to the asteroid and start mining ore. thier work will be visible only by ore appearing in the hold as if from nowhere; a return of the drones with ore from the asteroid have not been realized, apparently the extracted ore is teleported directly into the hold. one drone extracts ore rather slowly, so it is more efficient to release a large group of drones at the same time.
by using drones for mining it is possible to get more ore then if mining with 1 ship  fully equipped for ore extraction (except for such ships as mining barges or exhumers). but it is more common to mine with sspace gameral ships at once, and the cost of them is cheaper than pumping drone skills. that is why drones are more often used for fighting, but not for digging. there is also a drone, named harvester mining drone, which is far more expensive then regular mining drones, but it also digs a lot better. howspace gamer, nobody produces such drones due to the lack of demand – still it is more profitable to by ships.
thus, the use of drones for mining probably makes sense only in some particular cases.

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