Game currencies and real money

the supreme court of korea has given the status of real money to in game currencies, such space game online isk. buying or selling in game money has been recognized legal in this country.
the decision is fairly ambiguous.
on one hand, it will probably lead to dspace gamelopment of online games, especially of those which, besides requiring real money for playing, have the potential for players or interested people to earn real money by selling in game objects.
on the other hand, there has lately been a trial of 2 young people for trading lineage 2 in game currency (adena) for real money in korea because real money trading by third parties is prohibited in nearly any game by eula and terms of use.
it is logical that if there is demand, there will be supply. if there are people who enjoy playing, process of a game and are ready to spend real money for that, there will be people who are more skilled and experienced in games and who will be able to send in game currency and objects to the first group of players at more attractive prices then the game dspace gameloper.
there is real money trading of space game online isk in space game, too. actually, real money trading exists in any popular online game in spite of prohibitions.
one might think that this can bring loss to the dspace gameloping company and can devaluate the in game currency and economy – the latter is more possible – this can happen if billions of space game online isk will be sold at a very cheap price. but there is no real threat for game dspace gamelopers – the possibility to earn real money trading virtual in game objects (be it space game online isk, wow gold or other currencies or items) will attract many more people into the game which is necessary for any game and which is the basis of income for dspace gamelopers.
anyway this decision has to have effect on online games and the direction of their progress. probably some period of time has to pass to be able to estimate it.

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