CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department

soon, after the contact initiation between the empires, they realized they require independent institutions that would be jointly operated by all the empires. this would help handling various issues, such as trade, crime-fighting, monetary policies, etc. the first forms of these authorities were settled long ago. at the moment, there are sspace gameral dozens of them, of various sizes. all of them are managed by a central authority, named consolidated cooperation and relations command, also known as concord.


directive enforcement department (ded) is one of concord’s most powerful branches. it is concord’s police force and is the strongest armed force in space game so far that doesn’t pledge allegiance to any of the empires. ded’s main liability is tracking outright criminals. this is why they frequently hire bounty hunters. the ded deals with legal matters and licenses of all bounty hunters, although some empires bypass the ded in particular circumstances. in addition, the ded has marked the most notorious criminals as free-for-all targets.


other ded’s responsibilities include patrolling often smuggled areas for customs officials. the ded ships are normally equipped with the newest surveillance technologies, so their assistance is always of great value for customs patrols, specifically since they are incorrupt. also, the ded handles all types of security matters related to conferences and meetings between the empires – they lend their ships for other concord branches’ operations, and they frequently support local law-enforcement bodies in handling criminal activity. the ded often employs special affairs for regulations and order (saro), their special unit. the saro is probably the toughest police unit in space game. it is known for its brutal, yet effective, methods. the unit is mostly employed for hostage salvation operations, pirate haven assaults, and other similar assignments.


the ded’s authority is restricted to space and this often sspace gamerely limits their operations. but, the ded has recently been authorized to work in stations and on planets. this helps fighting organized crime much more effectively. howspace gamer, the outer regions, where there’s almost no empire presence, are still a big concern.


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