armageddon is a real pride of the amarr fleet, with heavy armor and powerful shields. it is important and efficient in any battle. armageddon gives a bonus of 10% to the capacitor consumption per large energy turret lspace gamel (consuming 100 units, the turret gets 110) and a bonus of 5% per lspace gamel to the rate of large energy turret.
the structure of the ship has 6211 hit points. the hold has a volume of 600 cubic meters, and the drone hangar has 125 cubic meters – both are not very large, but it is not a transportation ship either. armageddon weighs 110 tons, and its volume is of 495.000 cubic meters. in the packed state its volume is of 50.000 cubic meters. the vehicle's armor exceeds its structure in terms of  hp - 6641. the resists of the armor are 50-20-25-35. the shield has resists 0-50-40-20, and 5469 hp. it is obvious that by using right modules, skills and rigs, it's possible to make the ship's resists almost perfect. the shield recharges completely in 2500 seconds. the capacitor has a capacity of 5,312 units, recharges in 1087,5 sec.
the main advantage of the ship is its weapons guidance system. it works at a distance of 65 km, allows to lock 7 goals simultaneously. the system's resolution is 11 cm, the strength of the radars is 17 units, the signature is 370 meters. the maximum vehicle speed is 125 m / sec, and the warp speed is of 3 au / sec. to control the vehicle the skills amarr frigate iv, amarr cruiser iv, amarr battleship i, spaceship command iv are needed.
armageddon's powergrid has 16500 mw. the cpu power - 485 teraflops. there are 8 high slots, 3 medium slots and 8 low slots, and 7 turret mountings. also there are 3 special  modifications slots on board. due to the large number of high and low slots the ship is perfect for the installation of powerful weapons and for armor tanking as well as shield tanking. the loss of speed for this ship is not so important, it is designed for mass battles with the enemy, and not to to quickly advance or retreat.

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