strategy for pve in space game online

in space game, as in many online games (there is an opinion that in all mmog), there exists the concept of “tank”, which plays an important role in the game. a tank - a unit (in our case, a ship), which has the highest armor, and in particular, has very well pumped resists for different types of damage. modules for repairing the armor or shields are not installed on such a ship, all this will be done by so-called “doctors”. the main attention is paid to the maximum number of hit points and the percentage of resists. the tank goes in front of the entire group of ships and takes the aggression of npc ships that attack the group upon itself.
the logic of npcs in space game is that, if npc ships attack 1 target, one ship, they typically do not switch to another target, while the first target is alive. thus, when all the npc ships attack the tank, the other ships in the group can quite safely shoot at the npcs not fearing being fired at in return. the “doctors” repair the tank, and the other ships shoot the npcs.
howspace gamer, this logic has the rspace gamerse side. often the npc activation triggers operate in such a way that when a lone npc ship is attacked, there immediately appear a bunch of other npc ships. in this case, if the enemy ships appear in different places, and not only the tank gets under fire, the optimal strategy for other ships of the group is to generraly warp away from the battlefield. the enemy then turns only at the tank – and this is a guarantee of success. then group returns and shoots the npcs down as described above.
the optimal organization of the fleet, which allows to achispace game the above described successful tactics, is the following - the tank is ahead of the group, not too close to the rest, but at some distance. the tank only opens fire at the enemy. far behind him are the rest of the group, and in the tail of the group there is the medical team, but so that the tank is always in the zone of their reach. ideally, “healers” may be at a distance of 70 km from the tank if they are t2 lspace gamel and are fully trained (have fully trained skills). but in any case, they must be able to repair tank for a long time.

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