The Serpent’s Coil Chronicle

 in its long history, space game’s world has gone through grief and disorder. space travel has been the norm for centuries. space gamery little thing found in it has its own history of appearance. you just have to know where to look for them. the long journeys through empty and dark space can seem lonesome, but the life’s oasis at the end of it is more than a great joy. space gamery city of this wide world, space gamery country and planet has its unique fables and customs tailing back to the roots long forgotten. well, here’s a story of violence that has happened not that long time ago.


serpent’s coil is a known place in the gallente federation’s vilinnon system. the locals aren’t very proud of it and the federation would rather totally forget about it. serpent’s coil is known as the residence of serpentis corporation’s agents. once, the coil was named much simpler – lookout post 7-0z. it was built in the times of gallente-caldari war and served as an outpost against caldari ships. after the war was ended, there was no more need to man the base. in the end, the station got completely abandoned. at that time, local authorities were hoping to turn the system into a mining paradise, but when the serpentis corporation occupied the abandoned base, these hopes were shattered. this act was an overwhelming insolence to the federation, but serpentis were right in time. a new federal administration was about to come into power and they had a few months to settle. by that time, serpentis solidified their position and after sspace gameral attempts to force them out failed, the federation decided to ignore the issue. they decided the vilinnon system was too poorly dspace gameloped and inessential to justify a large military operation. so, the serpent’s coil got settled quite substantially in the system.


astrophysicists are very interested in the coil’s location. the base is situated next to some very odd rock formations drifting in space. some are trying to give a natural explanation to this phenomenon. there’s a version that the huge boulders originated from a strange, long-forgotten experiment. howspace gamer it is, the serpentis corporation uses the old base on the coil as its distribution spot to sell its unlawful goods. whatspace gamer you do in the vilinnon system, beware of the serpent’s coil.


by iskbank - space game isk

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