races in space game online

once chaos fell upon the colonies, many people were unable to cope with shortages of food and materials and died. after 70 years since that time, only a small part of the colonies have managed to survive and get on their feet. since all the forces were thrown to survival, many technologies of the past have been lost or forgotten.
the colonies dspace gameloped in complete isolation, and due to influence of natural factors each new generation was more and more different from one another. as a result, humanity got divided into five races, which administer all the manned colonies in space game nowadays.
these races are:
caldari — a race, in which society is controlled by a few giant corporations. they always compete with each other, but still provide decent living conditions for the population. their military dspace gamelopments emphasize the dspace gamelopment of missile technologies.
amarr — a very common race in the world of space game, which inhabits about 40% of manned systems. it is managed by the emperor, who is chosen by the heads of 5 most influential organizations. this race intensively dspace gamelops laser technology.
gallente — the defenders of peace in the universe. their liberal federation is trying to build a paradise for all and represents a serious force in space game, especially because of its incredible progress in the field of nanotechnology, and robotics.
minmatar — it is a race with clan division; personal interests and ambitions stand on the 1st place for these people. the core of their dspace gamelopment is combat skills and gun technique.
jovian — is a mystery race, living in the remotest corners of space game, and who has closed its sectors for foreigners. according to rumors, they have extremely highly dspace gameloped genetic technologies and have already exceeded the remaining races in this regard.

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