capital ships in space game online

capital ships are nearly inaccessible for single players, because they cost too many isk and require to study very many skills. the titans, for instance, take months to be built, learning the skills necessary for piloting them takes years. so only very strong game alliances can afford  building such ships. that is why this type of ships are fairly rare in the game, and a beginner cannot space gamen think of having such a ship.
• freighters are advanced transporting ships with huge capacity. they are defenseless and extremely slow,and are only used to transport huge amounts of resources. for example, they can be used in the collection of resources for the construction of a titan.
• dreadnoughts are powerful assault vehicles, used primarily to attack pos-es (player owned structures). they can go into siege mode, in which they are very hard to kill. the are equipped with warpdrive, which allows jumping between systems without using the gates (if someone opens a cynosural field on the other side of the jump). they can not fly in the empire -  systems with security status 0.3 and above.
• carriers — these ships do not have weapons, but have fighters aboard - heavy drones. carriers are similar with protoss carriers. they can assign the drones to the members of the alliance, after which they will protect them.
• motherships - are powerful air bases, with cloning (medical module) and corporations hangars on board. motherships are designed for mobile fleet deployment.
• titans — are the most powerful ships in the game. they deserve a separate description, having extremely powerful weapons and giving various bonuses to their fleets. they are extremely difficult to destroy.
all capital space game ships vary depending on race, and have quite different abilities

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