What to do to transport cargos safely

the following situation is quite frequent in space game - you come out of the gate, and immediately fall into an ambush, in which each ship is stronger than yours, and deadly. but do not despair - there is always a chance to escape, and with a proper fitting of your industrail, the is pretty high. keep in mind your ship when coming out of the gate has an advantage over  the pirates awaiting you — you can sees them for 30 seconds, and they do not see you during this time. and during the after-jump invisibility your ship is kind of directed to space gamerywhere at the same time — so the ship does not have to turn to any obejct - it just starts warping to it. so for these 30 seconds you are stronger - and this time should be used reasonably. you should break through to another gate as quickly as possible.
the enemy can prspace gament you from warping in two ways — by blocking the warp-engine of your vehicle with special modules such as warp scrambler i or warp disruptor i (warp jammers), and by breaking the vector of acceleration to the gate by simply ramming your ship. against the second threat speed and agility will help. but for the warp jammers there are antipode devices, the warp core stabilizer i — that help regulate your warp engine. all low-slots should be fitted with them to prspace gament blocking of the warp engine. math is simple here - almost space gamery warp engine has power equalling 1; exactly the same power have the above mentioned modules. if, for example, you have three stabilizers, the total force will be 1 +3 = 4. if the opponent uses 3 jammers (power -3) against you, jump is anyway possible.
howspace gamer for the commission of a warp jump not only a free engine is needed, but a preliminary acceleration in the direction of the jump at a speed of at least 75% of the maximum. the overall conclusion is as follows - a transport ship should be equipped with accelerators and stabilizers. if you also have a cloacking device - the chances of pirates to catch and shoot you down become small.

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