Support ships

in a specialized fleet there is a lot of work for simple light vehicles without special modules - frigates and cruisers. the role of support is very well suited for any beginner, as it requires neither skills, nor special vehicles. and the performance of the role can be very interesting. it   includes both assisting to the avant-garde or helping the scouts, protecting their own heavy vehicles from tacklers, shooting down the enemies' neutralized electronic warfare ships of the enemy, imposing a battle upon the enemy and delaying it, and much more. execution of these tasks is very interesting, they are what many players expect to see in the game as they include fierce massive space battles, spectacular effects, entertainment and adrenalin.
what specific task support ships will be doing directly depends on the commander. these ships are like his reserve, and although they can not match the strength of the wing of heavy vehicles, but still able to brilliantly solve a number of complex combat missions. small ships are especially well in taking the fire upon themselves. their introduction into a major battle of battleships or capital ships usually decides the outcome of the battle in favor of the part, using the small support ships.
in parallel, there arises the question which is the best strategy against the enemy support ships, that "cannon fodder"? there are sspace gameral options – introducing the so-called "antisupport ships", engaged exclusively in interception of small enemy ships; extensive use of heavy and medium drones; use of the smartbombs, very dangerous for light vehicles; and finally simply ignoring the  “fry” and focusing on tanking the heavy fleet.
there are many strategies, and there is no ideal one - that is one of the features of the game. but the use of smaller vehicles has been and remains effective and useful, and makes the fleet stronger.

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