Scan probes

scan probes necessary for finding remote objects in the game can be bought, like space gamerything else, at the market. specifically, section ammunition & charges - scan probes. they are sspace gameral types of probes, and not all are scanning ones. combat scanner probe i acts at a distance of up to 64 au, and scans space gamerything in the game. its main function is to scan ships and drones of other players, and it can be used only in the expanded launcher.
core scanner probe i is used to find hidden plexes, acts at a distance of 32 au. can be used in any launcher.
deep space scanner probe i used to be the most effective probe, now they just are effective at long distances, because they can scan for up to 256 au.
all the above scan probes are reusable. it is sufficient to buy once 10-20 units - and this will be enough for anything. also, all have the factional "sisters" types - with bonus to the power of scanning or probing speed.
to scan moons for resources probes of another type are necessary and they can be used only once. they can be used only from the big launcher. these are discovery survey probe i (scan time is 10 minutes, cannot be affected by probing skills), gaze survey probe i (scan time is 5 min), quest survey probe i (scan time is 40 min).
there is another special type of probes, not scanning - warp disrupt probe. it is not launched from a regular launcher, but from the interdiction sphere launcher i from interdictor class ships. this is also a single-use probe, but extremely useful! when launched, it creates around itself a field of 20 km, from which can ships cannot warp. in fact, the most powerful ships in the game can be caught with this probe. in skilled hands and with the support of a strong fleet it is a superweapon, you should be always ready that the enemy will use this probe against you.

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