we will write about one of the 5 basic attributes of a character in space game online perception.
perception is an attribute which is responsible and characterizes a character's capability to quickly get and adopt to a situation and changes, especially important for reacting to rapidly changing combat situations. that is why perception has to be upgraded to the highest lspace gamel from the very beginning and character generation. high lspace gamel perception is not only necessary in a battle, giving good reflexes to the character, but also is needed for learning most of «ship» skills. and finally, the higher perception is, the faster your character learns skills — this is used in one of skill dspace gamelopment strategies.
perception is a primary attribute for many important skills, without which one cannot play well. for instance, such groups of skills as spaceship command,  gunnery,  missiles require the perception attribute.
according to the logic of the game, perception is one of the most important skills for piloting and shooting. and it is a secondary attribute for drones and navigation skills.
thus, if you tend for active combat actions, the first attribute you need to dspace gamelop is perception.
but space gamen if you choose a more peaceful way and prefer to trade or mine, perception is anyway very important because it is needed for spaceship command skills, without which you will not be able to pilot and fly normally. good piloting is necessary for any purpose — both trading or fighting.  spaceship command skills are fairly complicated and will require a lot of time to be learned if perception is low.  in order to avoid this and learn skills faster then other players, in the first place you should dedicate your time to dspace gameloping learning skills to the maximum lspace gamel, because exactly these skills are primarily important for increasing perception and learning any other skills.

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