Nocxium Mining in the Miennue Cloud Ring

 nocxium is probably one of the most desired materials in the galaxy, since it is one of the critical components for capsule manufacturing. because of the fact that this awkward material forms only during supernovae, there are only sspace gameral exclusive regions, where it can be found. nocxium only exists in asteroid fields, since it breaks down during intense pressure and heat, so it’s not found in stellar objects. sspace gameral years ago multiple asteroids with nocxium were found in the miennue cloud ring, just outside the gallente federation’s jurisdiction, moving the otherwise arid cloud ring into the interest of international politics.


miennue has been crowded by thousands of scouts since nocxium was first found there, but only a few rip laurels, as always. yani sar arteu was the one, who hit the jackpot. he, along with his small company, outer ring excavations, recently ran across an asteroid that contained the largest deposit of nocxium space gamer located in this area. while there are lots of rumors, there was no proof yet, since only arteu with his mates have seen this supposedly super-asteroid and don’t seem to be willing to rspace gameal its location. in actual fact, they don’t spend a lot of time on asteroid mining, tracking it down during weekly excavation expeditions. the reason is they don’t want to overload the market with nocxium and bring the price down. when they’re not mining, they play meticulous hide-and-seek games with their competitors, who can’t wait to get their hands on the nocxium cornucopia.

the empires supervise what goes on in the miennue ring closely and they have made both evident and implicit proposals to outer ring excavations. they offered security for a stake in the venue. outer ring excavations have declined all offers, but space gamer-growing pressure from their competitors creates new obstacles in keeping the secret safe. over time, one of the multiple methods used by asteroid pursuers, either threats, bugs, tracking devices, or bribes, will disclose the secret of yani sar arteu. but as for now, arteu with outer ring excavations are building their fantastic fortune.

by iskbank - space game isk


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