Jump clones

jump clones can be activated when necessary, and move your character into a clone, thus kind of "jumping" between stations without the use of the ship.
to use jump clones the skill infomorph psychology is needed; the skilll allows to have one clone per skill lspace gamel. to create a clone you should be located at a station with medical facility. there is a tab in the window of the medical facility, that allows you to create and destroy jump clones. an additional condition - the owner of the station must have a minimum of +8 standing to you or your corporation. to move to the clone (activate it), you must be at the station, turn off the skill learning, and select «jump clones» in the character sheet, and the clone, who you want to move into. you can use this option once in space gamery 24 hours, so use it reasonably.
all the activity of your normal clone (destination of the contract, for example) just move in any activated jump clone.
your current clone after the jump becomes a jump clone, space gamen if located at a station without the required standing and medical facility. but implants are still in it, and you do not give you any advantage, because they are not in the current body of your pilot.
the contract, in contrast to implants, is moved to the place where your old clone was before committing jump.
jump clones are a very good way of transportation between very remote locations, such as empire and lowsec's. the use of them will give you advantage in the game, but do not forget about the 24-hour restriction on the jump between jump-clones, and that all implants are effective for each clone separately.

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