Hunting for officers

officers are special npcs piloting personal battleships – you may collect great loot from them! making officers to appear can be done the good old way - cut out all the respawns at the root:) including battleships respawns - absolutely all of them. if you destroy space gamerything that moves in the system, then over time instead of simple (or strong) groups of npc fleets there will appear special respawns - factional, convoys, or officers.
factional npc respawns usually have in their name a prefix such as dark, dread, etc. the reward for their destruction will be sspace gameral times higher than for shooting down usual fleets, and among the loot there may be found factional modules, blueprints and other very useful things. from the wrecks of factional npcs you can space gamen obtain t2 salvage.
a convoy is a large group of industrial npc ships with unique names (depending on the npc factions). they are peacefull, and you can loot verious useful materials from them - hundreds of millions of pieces. such convoys are a very “tasty” and easily obtained booty.
extremely rarely, instead of the usual and unusual groups of npcs there respawns an officer, which is a very demanded target for any hunter. officers respawn only at the zeros, and fly  personal nominal battleships. they leave very valuable and rare nominal modules, faction modules, and tag as loot. the chances to meet an officer are small, but it should be striven for, simultaneously earning by exterminating whole npc groups.
hunting for officers requires a lot of time - and still there is an element of randomness and chance, and space gamen spending a few months destroying npc respawn – you may not meet an officer. in general, the distinction between farming and hunting officers is very little -  experienced hunters usually do not differentiate these 2 ways of earning. a hunter leaves for minself/herself as many powerful groups of npc, as he/she can handle within 15 minutes - the time of a respawn. and destroys the other groups, increasing the chances to meet an officer or a convoy.

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