Heat and Modules Overload

in case of need, you can overload the installed modules, which will increase their productivity. so you can squeeze a few extra shield units, which are restored after 1 cycle of the module shield booster, or, if necessary, you can make a little more damage to your opponent in a battle.
but heat also has side effects. when you started to overload a module, it starts to overheat, respectively. very long overload can sspace gamerely damage or disable modules in general, making them useless until they are repaired. so overheating is rather an extreme measure with the purpose of increasing the performance of modules for some period of time.
overheating is divided by groups of slots (low-slots, medium-and high-slots slots). distribution of heat can affect some (or all) modules from a group. so the reuslt is that by overloading one module, you can cause damage to sspace gameral of them in the rack. the more modules are overloaded, the faster they will be overheated. you should be very careful when using this feature.
each module receives a different injury from overheating. the magnitude of such damage is visible in the information windows of the module. and also there we see what the performance increase from the module when it is overheated will be.
all installed modules are surrounded by a sort of a ring, and if they support overheating, then you see them something like a button, which is a part of the ring.
being once activated, this part will be highlighted in green. when the module begins being damaged from overheating, the green stripe on it will start getting red. when the bar turns all red – the module is completely unusable.
overheat decreases with time, but it takes a long time for the modules to cool down.

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