Gang Bonuses

there are very interesting, space gamen unique feature in space game online, which allows some ships to give out bonuses to their colleagues if they fly in a combat construction - the so-called gang, or the wing. such bonuses are very helpful - in fact one ship can substantially enhance the whole group of ships. bonuses can be distributed by only the most advanced types of ships - battlecruisers, capital ships, capital industrial ships. in particular, titans - the kings of space game ships - are renowned for their bonuses to the fleet escorting them. distribution of bonuses requires special modules  - warfare links - that are installed only in special slots that are available for the above mentioned ships.
gang bonuses can be divided into two main types - bonuses added to the characteristics of the ship (military, security, etc.) and mining bonuses. they are quite a lot of varieties of the bonuses - depending on race and racial patterns of the warfare link modules.
to distribute bonuses it is necessary to properly construct the wing of ships - usually the first ship is set as the distributing one, and the rest are recipients. in any case, all ships must have a role in this process.
most bonuses are given by command or capital ships - they initially have 3 slots for bonus units (fleet command ships, or field command ships which in this regard are more similar to battlecruisers and has only one slot for the link). one link requires a lot of cpu - 5000 teraflops as a minimum, and that if used on battlecruisers or field commandos, which have reduced consumption of cpu power for warfare links. and fleet command ships have an additional bonus if they have the «command ships» skill for the effectiveness of racial links.

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