anyone wants to have a relatively cheap vehicle with a good shield and heavy damage. this is especially true for a solo mission running. but few ships can be fitted so that they would satisfie all requirements. the caldari race has one such ship – the battlecruiser drake. the advantages, that make drake remarkable among other ships of this type, are the strongest passive shield, and the ability to install sspace gamen heavy rocket launchers.
the ship initially has 3906 units of armor and 5469 units of shield. initial resists are 0-50 - 40 - 20, and the studied skill battlecruisers adds 5% per lspace gamel resistance - up to a maximum of 25-62,5-55-40. drake also has a bonus on damage by the kinetic missiles heavy and heavy assault (plus 5% per skill lspace gamel).
these are already good initial capacities, but a good fitting can make them optimal. the best fitting is the following - 2 ballistic control systems ii, shield power relay ii and large shield extender ii, 1 shield recharger ii, 3 xxx field ii; and all the high slots taken by heavy missile launchers ii, scourge heavy missile. also install 2 core defence field extenders i and one core defence field purger i.
the result is a ship with 17,720 units of shield with recharge time of 412.4 seconds.
for resistance, install active t2 resists in 3 high slots, the type is selected specifically for the enemy in the mission.
t2 components will be immediately available, at early stages they should be replaced by t1 counterparts. also keep in mind that there are missions at which the capacitor  will be discharged - for such missions it is better to use passive rather than active resists. by fitting, you get a reliable and powerful ship, perfect for solo missions. its shield and damage are sufficient to easily destroy npc battlships.

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