Dominion 1.1 Patch

the new patch brings changes to space game online ships and also some changes to the interface like «voice fonts» added to space game voice, which can change voice height and transform male voice to female, for instance.
as for  space game online ships,  motherships will now be known as  supercarriers. they will become space gamen more resistant and will be able to field fighter bombers. such space game online ships as  dreadnoughts, rorquals and carriers using special modules («industrial core» and «triage module») will be able to increase their mass and thus limit the effect of bumping. this will change movement tactics sicne the effect will be the same upon other ships, too.
the basic jump lenth of supercarries will reach 5 light years so few other space game online ships
will be able to compete in this aspect.
there is one more bonus for  supercarriers - shield, armor and structure hit points have been increased. they now excell other space game online ships in this characteristics.
signature radius of dreadnoughts has been increased so they are now nearly equal with capital space game online ships.
modules have also been changed — duration and fuel consumption of «triage module» have been halved.
different weapons have been balanced with their turret analogs.   citadel cruise missiles and citadel torpedoes now cause equal damage.
xl turrents have been slightly modified, short-range weapons have more range now and the damage they cause have been balanced.
titans damage bonuses have also balanced, all the titans do similar lspace gamel of damage. and all the ships around a titan receive the bonus equally.
you can find the complete list of changes here —

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