wormholes are a sort of rifts in space, leading to from one point to another. wormholes have the following features – they have a limitation on the mass of 1 ship that passes through, they have a limitation on the total mass that can pass through a wormhole, and have a total lifetime, which is fairly short, and is counted with the first warp through the wormhole). expeditions to wormholes give many new opportunities to players, but are also quite dangerous.
the process of passing through a wormhole is approximatively like the following — the wormhole is found by scanning, the ship that has found it warps through it and gets into a different region of space; then the wormholes starts to slowly collapse, but while it exists it can let through a limited by total mass quantity of ships.
there are 10 different classes of wormholes in the game. they are classified by the type of systems a ship gets into after passing through the wormhole. 1-3 class wormholes lead to “unknown parts of space”. their lifetime is 16 hours, and only wormhole x702 exists for 24 hours. class 4-5 wormholes lead to “dangerous unknown parts of space”, and have a lifetime of 16 and 24 hours.
the most complicated type of wormholes – class 6 wormholes – lead to “deadly unknown parts of space”. the unique wormhole u319 makes part of this class – it exist for 48 hours, has a very rare opportunity to regenerate the total transmittable mass and has the greatest throughput among all the wormholes.
class 7 wormholes go to high-sec, class 8 – to low-sec regions, and class 9 lead to null-sec space.
also there is wormhole k162 in the game - it is the rspace gamerse side of a somewhere discovered wormhole. if you see this wormhole - see the info on it, and you'll find out where it leads. in any case, it has already been opened by someone from the other side, its lifetime has started counting down.



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