Many players ask – “How much time do I have to wait, gather resources and await upgrades”? If you want to play here and now, we offer you the possibility tobuy eve ship at excellent prices using any payment method you prefer! Sometimes it is necessary to buy expensive upgrades and even spend a couple of years in order to build a powerful ship. But you can save your time – you can buy an already built eve ship in our store instead of staying at your computer for months. We would also like to remind you that you can loose your ship in a battle, so do not forget to to insure your ship to receive at least part of its cost back from the Insurance company. We know that some players have spend a couple of years until they created a good ship and lost it in minutes because they had forgotten about this recommendation. It takes a lot of time and patience to build a good ship. But if you have also been through the above mentioned situation or simply do not wish to wait, you can visit our store and buy an eve ship. We supply the most popular and necessary types of ships which will give you advantage over other players in cruel space of EVE Online. You can order an eve ship at exceptionally low prices and pay for it by any accessible means including ISK. We deliver the ships you order in a couple of minutes and always try so that buying in our store be quick and pleasant. If you have any questions regarding buying eve ships, please, feel free to contact us. On placing your order, please leave a comment about the desired dislocation of the ship so that you can take your ship qiuckly. On choosing the type of ship you want to buy, please, check out if you have necessary skills to use the respective type of ship and also check if that ship suits best to your race. You can find all types of ships you might need in our store - Carriers, Jump Freighters, Motherships, Dreadnoughts, Capital Industrial Ships, Faction Battleships, Black Ops, Marauders, Titans, Freighters. We only sell the ships we have build ourselves, we are not a reseller in order to make sure all the transactions are safe and secure. If you have any questions about compatibility of your character and an eve ship, also feel free to contact us – we will give you a professional and comprehensive response. 



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    I have used this service about 12 times now. Every time i have received my order within 2 minutes.

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