the ship is based on the hull of the ship named punisher ans has been dspace gameloped by  khanid innovation. merging of caldari and amarr technology has reached a considerable success in vengeance. the ship has bays for caldari missile systems and a powerful amarr armor that allows to intervene ruthlessly into any battle, sowing destruction and resisting to damage.
the ship gives many bonuses:
+5% bonus to missiles damage per lspace gamel amarr frigate ;
+5% bonus to all armor resists per lspace gamel for assault ships ;
+10% bonus to kinetic-resist shields and armor vehicle per lspace gamel for amarr frigate;
+15% bonus to explosive-resist shield and armor vehicle per lspace gamel for amarr frigate;
reduces by 5% the capacitor recharge time per lspace gamel for assault space game ships .
vengeance has 563 hp, 816 armor hp, 50-20-25-35 resists; 664 xii shield charging in 625 seconds and with 0-50-40-20 resists. the hold of the ship has a volume of 210 m ?, and the total ship volume is 28,600 m ? (2500 m ? packed ). the capacitor has a capacity of 375 units and recharges in 187.5 seconds. the ship can travel at the speed of 235 m/sec (846 km/h), its mass is 2000 tons, has 3.1 inertia modifier, and the warp speed is 6 au / sec.
vengeance is capable to simultaneously lock 5 targets at a distance of 38 km. the resolution of its guidance system is: 655 mm, the strength of the radar sensors equals 14 units, the signature is of 37 meters.
the ship has a 160 tflop processor, 43 mbt powergrid, 4 high slots, 3 medium slots, 4 low slots, 3 turret fasteners, 4 rocket system fasteners, 2 rigs.
to pilot vengeance  the following skills are required - amarr frigate v and spaceship command i as primary skills, and  engineering v, mechanic v, assault ships i andspaceship command iii as secondary skills.
there is a  tech i variant of vengeance (actually, its basis) – punisher, and another  tech ii variant – the powerful retribution.



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