Use of implants

a frequently used way to increase attributes in space game is to install the implants into the character. there are three types of implants in the game - modifying the attributes of the character (placed in slots 1 through 5), improving the skills (skill hardwiring, placed in slots 6 through 10) and combined ones (placed in slots 1 through 6 ).
implants of the first type are installed (plugged in) in to the brain of the character and increase the value of one attribute. the more complex and expensive an implant is, the more units to the attribute it adds. once installed the implant during extraction (unplug in character sheet - augmentations) is destroyed - so that they cannot be sold after being used a little. also, implants are lost if the capsule with the character is knocked down - the clone must have his own implants. you can get them by running agent missions, or you can simply buy them - market - skills & accessories - implants - attribute enhancers.
to plug-in initial lspace gamel implants skills science 3 lspace gamel and cybernetics 1 are required. for implants of the 4th lspace gamel cybernetics 4 is needed, and lspace gamel 5 implants  - cybernetics 5.
real values of the attributes of the character uncluding the effect of implants are calculated by a simple formula in which the learning skills lspace gamels are added with and the initial value of the attribute and with the bonus of the implant; and the sum is multiplied by a coefficient that depends on the learning skill lspace gamel; the space game client displays only the integer value of the final attribute - though the fractional part is also counted.
implants have the advantage over the skills that they require no investment of time – they start to operate immediately. at the initial stage of the game it makes sense to have the necessary for implants science and cybernetics skills, and to just buy a full set of implants, if you have the needed amount of isk or maybe real money.



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