turrets in space game online

in space game, there are three types of turrets: projectile (firing projectiles), hybrid and energy (energy turrets). these three groups of turrets are also divided into two subgroups - for melee and ranged combat. there are also racial preferences for the type of turrets:  minmatars uses projectile turrets, caldari and gallente choose the hybrid type, and amarrians prefer energy turrets. a player can learn the skills for any type, but it is reasonably to train for the racial turrets, and use them on racial ships, as they usually have bonuses to the use of turrets.

these weapons are characterized by their little damage. they are most effective against armor, because projectile ammunition commonly deals kinetic or explosive damage to the target. the big advantage of these turrets is that they require no energy to work, they can shoot, space gamen in the state of defense. long-range (artilleries) guns do more damage, but recharge for a long time as well. for short-range combat they are virtually useless, you need to use auto-cannons, who shoot more often and less often need to recharge.

hybrid weapons are perfectly balanced by damage and requirements to the ship. they suit both against the shield, and the armor. long-range railguns can fire from a very great distance and  cause serious damage. though, in a close-range battle blasters, at the optimum distance for them, will inflict space gamen greater damage.

energy lasers inflict good damage, but are highly dependent on energy. but they do not need ammunition and reloading. long-range laser turrets - beam lasers are good at quite a distance and inflict great damage, but they are ineffective in the case of a melee. for short-range pulse lasers woudl suit better - though they may not be used as close as projectile or  hybrid weapons, thus they are rather suitable for medium distances.



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