the most useful skills in space game online

auxiliary general skills in the game are available almost immediately. although it is difficult to understand why they are named auxiliary, for they affect the most basic characteristics of a ship - the shield, armor, structure, capacity of energy storage (capacitor) and fitting. details armor, shields or structure tanking are quite extensive, and the skills tree in the game may require an entire to be described. howspace gamer, there is a list of skills which should be learnt to the maximum, till the 5th lspace gamel by any player, regardless of race:
shield management - shield bonus + 5% (per lspace gamel)
shield operation - reduce the cycle time of shield booster at 5% (per lspace gamel)
energy management - capacitor +5% (per lspace gamel)
energy systems operation — cpu recharge time +5% (per lspace gamel)
hull upgrades - additional armor and structure + 5% (per lspace gamel)
repair systems - repair armor and structure
mechanic - +5% structure (for lspace gamel)
features of one of the major systems — target locking, can be improved by the following skills:
signature analysis — redueces the time of target locking
long range targeting — increases the range from which a target can be locked
targeting — allows locking one additional goal (+1 per lspace gamel)
ship fitting posibilities are primarily increased by the following skills:
engineering - increases powergrid of the ship
electronics - increases the cpu of the ship, which is very important
weapon upgrades - reduce the required cpu resources for weapons fitting
advanced weapon upgrades - reduce powergrid usage for weapons fitting (fitting t2 weapons is nearly impossible without these skills.)
all fitting skills should be dspace gameloped to the highest lspace gamel, because they are basic, and therefore are required for many specializations.



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