The Konrakas Chronicle

in the early years of space travel, it served just as the means of interplanetary communication. howspace gamer, the past decades have taken space travel to a totally new lspace gamel. thousands of space travelers live most of their lives only in space and call some space stations their homes, instead of a country, or at least a planet. space stations became much bigger, having dspace gameloped into full-grown habitats with forage production factories and units that can suffice for all the people living there.

these space cities naturally demand a huge amount of minerals and materials to support themselves. if they have good luck to orbit an inhabited planet, they are rarely in need, but others have to provide for themselves. mining on moons and uninhabited planets is of vital significance for space gamery manufacturing station, which aspires for competing on the same lspace gamel. while such stations don’t need a stellar body rich in minerals below them, they depend on mineral deliveries and this is always quite expensive and onerous. this has made mineral rich, uninhabited planets pay dirt for anyone, who aims large-scale production.
shintaht system’s konrakas is one of such mineral-rich planets. the system, initially observed and named by the caldari, is near the amarr space and has been claimed by both the amarrians and caldari, while none of them has yet colonized it. konrakas is known for a very chaotic climate. its seasons vary greatly, ranging from burning heat to icy cold. ocean tides are tremendous and floods are quite often. konrakas’ winds are constantly howling over the landscape, often achieving storm speed. the planet’s gravitational forces cause regular earthquakes and volcanic explosions.
of course, konrakas is absolutely lifeless. its natural forces, continuously shaking the planet, have buried many valuable and rare minerals deep underground, which made it a mineral paradise. howspace gamer, the same forces make it unbelievably difficult to mine the minerals. neither amarrians nor the caldari have yet decided to make an effort towards planetary mining on konrakas.
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