The Jovians

one may hate them, or be afraid. cooperate with them. buy their technology, or sell them all sorts of drawings. the only thing that one cannot do about the jovians is to ignore them.
the jovians exist. and it is a fact which has to be tolerated. despite the widespread belief that the jovians are non-human, who came to the people from the distant depths of space, this race are still people. well ... almost people. from time immemorial the jovians practiced genetic engineering, so space gamen they cannot call themselves a hundred percent representatives of the human species. they are the race, who are not afraid to experiment with the space, objects and themselves. the jovian government controls and supports experiments on genetically altered bodies and psyche of its people. probably, if not the deadly disease of the jovian race, the dspace gamelopment of the universe could have gone a completely different way than now.
space gamen before the closure of space game the jovians had been affected by a terrible epidemic. it makes the jovian people lose the will to live, to eat, to do anything, and after a few weeks the jovian society looses another of its members. despite this, the jovians remain the most advanced race in the galaxy. through their technology they have managed to flood with their spies and bugs nearly all scientific and social organizations of the other races, so nothing can escape their attention. by buying all the technology, that generally exists, they remain the leaders of technological progress.
few of the other races can boast that they understand the inner world of the jovians, because the latter tend to be solitary, only maintain trade relations and rarely let outsiders learn their world deeper.



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