tempest is one of the key ships in the minmatar "republican fleet". it is a very multifunctional ship, armed-to-the-teeth with guns. it is very effective for long-range shooting and able to inflict another ship specialized and very effective type of damage. the squadrons of tempests been tested by time and are one of the key types of groups of ships in mimnatar fleet combats. the enemy often underestimates tempest, and loses it fleet because of that.
tempest gives +5% bonus per lspace gamel to the damage done by large projectile turrets, and +5% bonus per lspace gamel to the rate of fire of the large projectile turrets.
these large ships have 6641 hp, the volume of the hold they have is 600 m, the volume of the drone hangar  is 75 m, total weight is 102,500 tons, and the total volume is of 450000 m.
the armor itself has 6211 hp, and has resistance of 60% to electromagnetic impulses, 10% to explosives, 25% to kinetic shock waves and 35% to thermal damage.
the shield of the ship has 6954 hp, is not resistant to electromagnetic impulses, has resistance of 50% to explosives, 40% to kinetics, 20% to fire.
the capasitor of tempest has a capacity of 5312 units, complately recharges in 1154.8 seconds. the guider system operates at a distance of 62.5 kilometers, can have 7 simultaneous targets. speed of aiming at the target is of 6.75 seconds, the precision of the guider system is 1 cm, the power of ladar sensors is 19 units, the signature is of 340 m.
to control the ship the skills minmatar battleship ii, minmatar cruiser iv and spaceship command iv are needed.
fitting options - there are slots 8-5-6 and 6 attachments for turrets, 4 attachments for launchers, 3 modification slots.
there are sspace gameral variations of tempest: vargur, tempest tribal issue, tempest fleet issue.



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