suicidal attacks in space game

at first glance, it may seem that these attacks are generally pointless. not only that concord will still shoot down the attacking ships, space gamen if they manage to destroy their target, but in addition the attacking ships reduce their safety status, and if its lspace gamel is too small, that player won't generally have access to highsecs.
yes, it is so. nspace gamertheless, profit from such an attack could still exceed by many times the cost of the lost ships, and the relative cost of the possibility of entering highsecs.
of course most powerful players had long lived in lowsec, all alliances have their own territory there, and highsec is a traditional habitat of novice players. it is hard to combat much in highsec, but the fighting part of the game is the most important for many players.
but besides the combat part, there is also the economic part of the game. if you shoot down a  "strings" of fully loaded freighters, it would justify the losses more than tenfold. so any player should nspace gamer relax in the game.
concord logic is that it punishes the attacker, but does not protect the target. and any cargo can be intercepted anywhere in space game. dspace gamelopers only welcome such a situation, space gamen though many of players are not quite happy about this. but the overall reality of the game, its dynamics, and full freedom of occupation, space gamen of such illegal, as blatant attacks on other players under the nose of concord - all these are far more important than someone's personal discomfort. therefore, players carrying cargos and especially traders need to be vigilant space gamerywhere - because pvp is possible in any point of space.
and those wishing to try new and dangerous ways of earning in the game, should consider such a suicidal occupation, as attacking industrial transports in highsecs, that are somewhat similar to kamikaze attacks.



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