Strategic cruisers

the new type of ships, strategic cruisers, contain of the hull (or frame) and five subsystems. the source for much of the necessary materials is w-space, located in wormholes. hulls and subsystems are produces from components, which in turn are made from a mixture of polymers and salvaga extracted from sleepers. necessary polymers are obtained from reactions of minerals and fullerenes - a new type of gases. the reaction scheme for this production is also obtained in w-space, and all the necessary structures and skills that can be purchased on the market.
t3-subsystems and hulls also consist of components, and can be produced only on the new assembly arrays (assembly lines) of poses or assembly lines of outposts.
drawings for the production can be obtained by re-engineering ancient artifacts. re-engineering is quite similar to invention, and the necessary materials have similar names - datacores and data interfaces, for example, so having experience in inventory dspace gamelopment, reengineering does not seem difficult. artifacts for the components can also be found in the sleepers space. their re-engineering can be done in the experimental laboratory at poses or at the caldari outpost.
the difference between re-engineering and invention is that different results are obtained by re-engineering - from datacores to system drawings. now, instead of two variants - success / failure of invention, you can get always more or less positive result. re-engineering decryptors (different for each race) also work differently - they determine the type of the drawing that you want to get. for example, if you need a drawing of the propulsion system of the strategic caldari cruiser, you need the caldari decryptor. the skills necessary for the new production represent a mix of long-existing and newly added to the game skills; they are all in the science group and are sold on the market.



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