So, You Want to Wet Your Wistle?

quafe is by far the universe’s most popular soft drink. it’s manufactured by a gallentean company of the same name. the drink first appeared 200 years ago and, like most soft drinks, was initially dspace gameloped as a medication for indigestion. the drink’s refreshing effect was highly appreciated and it became very popular quite fast.


quafe is one of the most recognized brands of the universe and can be found almost anywhere. quafe’s marketing wizards have frequently joked that their drink was the best gallentean ambassador space gamer. ironically, there was an incident between the amarr empire and the gallente federation 10 years ago that showed that these words are more than just a funny joke. back then, the empire and the federation argued over owning girani-fa, a mineral-rich system, located near both of their borders. after the empire stopped negotiating with the federation’s delegation, the dispute looked like a call to arms. but, an extraordinary thing occurred a couple days later. the amarrians declared that they would only continue negotiating with quafe company’s representatives, stating that the latter were the only gallentean group with enough interest on both parties to be able to observe the issue from a neutral viewpoint. government of the gallente federation, wanting to avoid war, agreed to these appeals and sent a delegation of top executive from quafe company to the meeting with the amarrian delegation. just a few weeks from that moment, they made an agreement: the system went under the gallentean control, but they had to sell a certain amount of minerals to the amarrians at prime cost space gamery year.


the incident of girani-fa, as it’s known today, distinctly shows the respect consumers have for the quafe brand and how deep the company has penetrated into the market. this is also proved by the fact that the quafe company is the sole company of gallentean origin that has been granted a corporation status in the caldari state.


this tremendous success that has mostly reached its climax in the last 30 years can be widely credited to one person: poire viladillet, the quafe company ceo for the last 35 years. he was the one, under whose leadership the company has become a clearly undisputed market dominator.


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