Sleepers anomalies

anomalies are the most desirable structures for expeditions through wormholes. these large complexes are all filled with the sleepers' ships, and you can make big profit by destroying them and salvaging valuable components. though you will not receive direct isk after destroying sleepers, as you'd get for killing other npcs. instead, you can take the spoils in the form of data files and astrometric scans, which in turn can be sold for isk to npc research corporations. the whole system works so that a player could receive a steady income from the hunt for sleepers, returning to his native imperial space from time to time. the value of the items received from sleepers depends on their size and complexity. so, a battleship in a class 2 system will bring items worth 5-6 million isk, and the same ship in the center of class 6 system will leave valueables worth over 14 million.
if viewed from the isk income / battle difficulty point, the biggest yield comes from anomalies located in class 3 systems. the profit could be about 200 thousand isk from a frigate, 2 million from a cruiser and from 6 to 10 million from a battleship. special anomalies do not fit the perimeter-borderlands-center system and have their own names ("the mirror", "solar cell", etc.). by complexity, they are roughly the same as other anomalies in the system, but they should be explored more carefully.
use of capital ships in the anomalies is highly undesirable – by jumping there with a capital ship, the player make 6 additional sleepers' ships with sensors jammers appear. such forces, together with the usual guards would be enough to destroy space gamen a dreadnought, or a carrier, so it's better not to send capital ships in the anomalies.



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