Ships and implants for scanning

each race has its own, suitable for scanning, t1 frigate. it has the bonus of 5% to the power of scanning per lspace gamel of the racial frigate. the frigate at the amarr is magnate, at the gallente - imicus, heron at caldari and probe at the minmatar. but the optimum vehicle for scanning is not a frigate, but covert ops class ships. these ships have the bonus of as much as 10% to the power of scanning per lspace gamel of the same named covert ops skill. these are the ships: anathema of the amarr, helios of the gallente, buzzard of the caldari and cheetah of the minmatar.
increasing the ability to scan can be done not only by special ships or relevant skills. there are also rigs for this purpose - gravity capacitor upgrade i and gravity capacitor upgrade ii, respectively, adding 10% and 15% to the power of scanning.
but various implants can extend scanning capabilities most efficiently. there are many types of them in the game. thus, low-grade virtue alpha - omega is placed in all 6 slots, and together provide +33.83% to the force of scanning. and three different types of implants hardwiring - poteque pharmaceuticals "prospector" ppf (0-2), poteque pharmaceuticals "prospector" ppg (0-2), and poteque pharmaceuticals "prospector" pph (0-2) are set respectively in 6, 7 and 8 slots for implants and increase (or decrease) different scanning parameters by 2%, 6% and 10% . hardwiring poteque pharmaceuticals "prospector" ppf reduces the error of probe scanning, "prospector" ppg reduces probe scanning, and "prospector" pph increases the power of probe scanning.
actually, by having optimal skills, crafts, and a complete set of implants and rigs, one can obtain a increase in the power of scanning of more than 100%. especially such «specialization» on a scanning is needed in case of large fleets, where the ships are divided into specialties.



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